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Gold Still Flying High

Gold Still Flying High

By Gail Selby
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Tonight Gold took on Jets

Tonight Gold took on Jets. With a full squad plus extras available, we were looking to work on our unit play with new combinations. Q1 line up: Anita, Emma, Kaylie, Katie, Hannah, Dani and Izzy. Gold had a strong start with the attacking players linking well, passing the ball accurately and feeding the circle beautifully. Katie and Hannah utilised Emma and Kaylie as swing back options, allowing us to keep the ball moving in our attacking third. Defensively, Anita and Emma worked brilliantly together, rotating in the circle and playing a man on game to pick up many interceptions. Their tight man on defence allowed Kaylie and Katie to pick up a few interceptions on the circle edge and in Jets' attacking third as they were forced to play the ball around. Gold lead at the end of the first quarter 10-4.

The only change going into the second quarter was Rosie B on and Izzy off. Our accurate ball placement was slightly decreased in this quarter after our hard work in the first quarter. However, when we gave the early option and looked into the circle early our passages of play were seamless. Rosie B kept the ball moving in the attacking third by moving around the circle and opening up the space for Dani to drive into. We were working on applying defensive pressure all the way down the court, especially if they turned it over in defence. This worked well as we managed to pick up interceptions all down the court. Katie, Kaylie and Emma utilised the defensive line on centre passes to unsettle the Jets players. This effectively forced errors at their centre passes. The score at half time was 15-7 to Gold.

Q3 line-up was: Anita, Emma, Rosie A, Katie, Sian, Rosie B, Izzy. An excellent debut for Sian as part of team Gold with speedy drives to circle edge and pocket, allowing the ball to flow down the court nicely. Emma, Anita and Rosie A continued to apply the defensive pressure. Rosie A was working hard at stopping Jets WA's run to the circle edge by being goal side which worked very well. Fresh legs on court definitely helped this quarter as the girls made positive drives to the space and placed the ball just ahead, meaning we had less unforced errors. Sharp shooting from Rosie B and Izzy saw us increase our lead, 23-13 at the end of the third quarter.

The final quarter saw a welcome return for Lauren on at C and a swap for Dani on at GD and Emma to GK. The turnover rate during this game was great, therefore although low scoring both teams had put in 100% effort through the court. Jets fought back slightly in this quarter with a few key interceptions from their sharp circle defenders. Lauren's elevation and Sian's speed helped us in attack by allowing us to put the early feed into Rosie and Izzy, which meant the defenders couldn't get their hands on the ball. Emma and Dani held some fab leans when second stage defending and stopped a lot of shots going in, collecting the rebounds well. The final score was 29-23 to Gold.

A well contested match with lots of positives to take away!

By Kaylie Bickle

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Wed 17, Jun 2015



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Warm up 18.30. Please arrive at 18.25 so match fees can be collected.