Sun 02
Sun 2
Long Buckby
1st Game of the Season!

1st Game of the Season!

By Nicki Atkins
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'D' is for........

'D' is for Determination!

The first match of the season started off with Sunshine and an aura of Determination....Determination to put to use all the skills the team have learned.

The U12's have a few new players who proved that although they have not been with the club as long as some of their team mates, stood tall alongside them and proved that the training has set them in good stead for future games.

BBOB held their own and at times were evenly matched with Long Bucky, preventing them from going into their half of the pitch.
Thomas Walshaw was on top form as the ball came out of the scrum, tackling the oppositions scrum half to prevent the ball being passed across and making ground.

The second game came at a bigger success with lots of teamwork getting the ball to the back row, giving them a chance to run and pass the ball down the line, as Finn O'Neil scored a try.

Man of the match went to Thomas Walshaw for his Confidence and Determination.

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