Sat 27
Northampton Old Scouts
1st XV
SCOUTS 19:13 BBOB. Not at our best.

SCOUTS 19:13 BBOB. Not at our best.

By John Tucker
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BB faced a challenging derby at Scouts on Saturday. Even the presence of world cup winner Ben Cohen playing in the centre could not inspire BB.

The game kicked off in bright, breezy conditions with little sign of the deluge that was to come. Scouts took the lead with an early pen 3-0. BB's scrummage power was coming to the fore, and a Scouts scrum was obliterated for the ball to be moved wide for Gavin Singleton to score 3-5. A pen was put into the corner and the BB's catch and drive was rewarded with a try for lock Phil Bull 3-10. During this period BB were winning enough ball to win two games, but Scouts defence, well marshalled by Cohen, stood firm. In fact scouts scored a good try when BB over commited at a ruck 8-10.

The exchange Glaswegian referee who obviously had not a clue at the scrummage took a hand, penalising the dominant BB scrum. Scouts kicking a pen 11-10. BB whose backs had been poor continued to shoot themselves, when a speculative kick from Scouts downfield was fielded, but then kicked back infield for Scouts to score on the stroke of half time.16-10.

The heavens had opened making ball handling difficult. This should have suited BB with their scrum superiority, but we are now playing Glasgow rules, whatever they are, scrums led to penalties against BB forcing them back. Ryan Haddon kicked a pen 16-13, but Scouts got one of there own 19-13. BB did have a drive held up but the large travelling support were sent home wet, cold and so so disappointed.

It is all well and good to blame the referee, but once again BB should have won this game, and stepped up. Although taking a bonus point, next weeks home game against Leighton Buzzard takes on extra importance as BB do not want to be sucked into the relegation zone.

Written by our less than impressed hack, Roger Allen.

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