Sat 23
2nd XV
St Neots 2
BBOB 2nd XV Vs St. Neots 2nd XV

BBOB 2nd XV Vs St. Neots 2nd XV

By Dan Denton
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There's always Jomorrow.

Match review from Joseph Morrow.

BBOB started the day with a whole host of changes from last weeks win against Blecthley but still looking to continue their form with a result against St Neots (SN).

Unfortunately for BB, SN started the game strongly, dominating every facet of the game with the SN 12 being the beneficiary of this getting an early try under the sticks, SN leading 0-7 with the home side looking very much asleep for the first few exchanges.

After the restart BB manged to get possession just in the SN half. BB put a kick in open play into the SN 22 giving them a difficult angle for their back 3 to exit from. BB chase put the visors under too much pressure and eventually lead to a thumping tackle from Dan Hardwick smashing the SN 9 into touch giving the home side a line 15 meters out from the try line. BB retained possession and began the hammer the SN defence with multiple picks from the base of rucks. BB 9 Matt Knowlton made a key break, picking the ball from 9 waltzing though the visitors tight defenders, to be brought just short of the line but the BB support runners followed and with the visitors defence scrambled. Dan Hardwick crashed over the try line from the base of the ruck, igniting the passionate war cry from Neil Campbell rallying the BB.

BB 5 - 7 SN

SN however replied strongly retaining possession from their kick off, however nothing was to come from this. the next 10 minutes of the game saw multiple penalties against the BB which would be the home sides main issue of the match, with the visitors frequently running the ball from the penalties, exploiting the lack on urgency in the home sides defence resulting in them scoring two more tries before the close of the half converting both.

Half time score BB 5- 21 SN.

BB where to first the strike after half time in the 45th minute with Zach Mason and Ashton Bedford linking up down the left wing after a poor kick from SN, with BB in possession in on the visitors 10 meter line the ball was switched back to middle of the pitch were with the help of some quick hands Alex Byrne exploited a hole in the visitors defence and ran from 30 meters unopposed to score between the sticks. Try converted.

BB 12- 21 SN

SN restarted the game however by this point BB were tiring and were unable to consistently support the ball carrier resulting in a penalty which saw SN kick into the BB 22. SN shorted their line and caught and drove for 5 meters, BB had stopped the drive thereafter assuming that they had just ousted a certain scoring opportunity however the visitors were not phased bu this at all as a flat pass from the maul saw the SN 8 crash through the BB defence and carrying himself over the try line. Try converted.

BB 12- 28 SN

Albeit 16 points down with 25 mins to go BB did not drop their heads as Damo Ratcliffe recovered the ball from the BB kick off giving BB good field position in the SN half. Continued possession saw the home side adventure into the visitors 22 and with and advantage behind them Freddie Try got over the try Line but despite his protest the ball was deemed to be held up. Craig Markie undeterred by the decision took the opportunity to quickly tap from the penalty and crashed over the try line.

BB 17 - 28 SN

The restart saw SN kick deep into the BB half and after the few phases no ground was gained but with some quick thinking my 2nd team debutante Jamie Briggs put in a kick into the SN in between the two covering defenders causing dome confusion between the two. BB kick chase put the covering player under pressure causing the a pass between the two resulting in Damo Ratcliffe intercepting the ball and going 50 meters, without a defender in sight, diving over the try line and letting out a Neil Campbell esque roar in celebration. Try converted.

BB 24 - 28 SN


It looked as if the comeback was on the cards with two unanswered tries and the home side on the ascendancy. Unfortunately the games conclusion didn't match the expectations set by the last 15 minutes. With both sides began to tire and the game was void of any flowing rugby from there, as ill discipline and handling errors ruled for the remainder of the game. The home side seemed to have the upper hand the last hew exchanges, with multiple opportunities in the visitors 22 they were unable to execute any kind of threatening attack with only seconds to go BB lost possession and SN kicked into touch with the final whistling following immediately after cementing their win.

Final Score BBOB 24- 28 St Neots

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