Sun 03
Wellingborough V BBOB

Wellingborough V BBOB

By Stephanie Tebbutt
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Cut Throat Lane showdown!

Excellent game today, so proud of the lads. First round of the cup at Wellingborough today. Dylan scored early and Caleb converted it and set the game up nicely. Our defence was excellent, line outs much improved and worked as a solid team.
Wellingborough scored a try to end the first half 5-7.
We started the second half well despite conceding a converted try. We corrected the errors that lead to the penalties in the first half and kept our heads up despite them going into the lead briefly.
Dan scored a excellent try, followed by another brilliant try by Gvido. We kept pushing and our defence was excellent and a finally try by Horse and converted by Dan ended a brilliant game 12-24.
Massively proud of them all but man of the match goes to Big Ben Garnet for excellent tackles and keeping his head in the game! Onwards and upwards.
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Sun 03, Nov 2019