Sat 26
3rd XV
Rushden 3rds
Tommy Bus Loves a Hand-Off!

Tommy Bus Loves a Hand-Off!

By John Tucker
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Four tries for Tommy Bus, and still no jug!?!

It took BB a good 30 minutes to get into their stride in this thoroughly enjoyable game for both sides.

Tommy Bus finished with 4 tries, Wayman had 1, and Tim Brown added another to his personal mission of keeping Dan Denton in his shadow.

Sincere apologies to Gareth Harper, who's sterling effort and magnificent boshing of the oppisition earned him yet another well deserved score, only for it to be missed off the original matach report. I blame Tommy Buswell's memory. Well, he has to take the blame for something, having wussed out of the game against Wellingborough - perhaps it's so he can babysit Daz "sickboy" Earl, who was last seen hunting for a cork.

Having said that, there was a great linking move, started by Ceeley from one side of the pitch, linking smoothly with Denton on the other, with Ceeley receiving once more in a promising and skillful attack that gained significant ground for the BB.

Denton himself had a good little trundle, almost outpacing himself.

It was good to see Simon Hill come out of retirement to give Gary Bowers relief at half-time. We had been looking forward to a quiet Bowers follwing his bout of illness, but life can be so cruel.

Tim Brown also kicked three conversions, which compensate only a little for what Billy was photographed doing with Denton later.

Oh, and Sean Fagun was as awesome as ever. South Africa must be very proud. (Either that, or they're just pleased to be rid of him).

A great all round team performance.

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