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BBOB 3rds
BB 3rds Honour the Second Team Fixture & Do the Club Proud

BB 3rds Honour the Second Team Fixture & Do the Club Proud

By Press Officer
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The Third Team travelled to Corby with a depleted squad, lacking certain key positions, but the stand-ins proved more than capable.

Tries for Dan Lucas, Fungi Matezu and Daryl Richards.

Kelvin Smith: one conversion and one penalty.

This was a tightly contested game throughout, played with excellent spirit and good humour by both sides. The referee kept the game flowing and contributed significantly to the experience.

Tom Faulkner and Dan Lucas propped determinedly, whilst Daryl Richards acquitted himself well again at hooker, his game unfortunately cut short by injury, but not before he’d managed to bag himself a try.

Gareth Harper had his usual outstanding game at 7, and Gary Bowers at 8 steered clear of shame – at least until he toe punted a loose ball on the floor straight down the middle of the pitch. You’d have thought by now that he’d have learnt the penalties for him kicking the ball. Never mind. Stupid is as Stupid does.

Spencer Ngawya was inspired in his efforts out of position at scrum half, and was never disheartened by failure, especially the amazing forward pass straight into the belly of a retiring Minty. He was ably supported by big brother, Fungi Matezu, also playing out of position at 10. The attacking nature of the half backs did put S&L a little on the back foot, and when the ball did come out to a returning Liam Marriott at 12, the pace and strength of the backs started to tell.

Alex Sczeremeta had his first start in a while, another easing himself back in after an injury lay off. S&L found it difficult to cope with his legendary pace, and he was ably backed by Craig Howting, initially at wing and then at full back.

As the substitutes were brought into play, BB succeeded in maintaining their pace and shape. Dan Denton and them Mark Ceeley moved into the pack , proving more than capable, as Ceeley’s head will testify, having been driven into the ground by an overly supportive Denton.

Kelvin Smith managed two conversions and one penalty, but this was clearly not a kicking game, as most attempts out of hand went a little awry. Craig Howting did use the ball well from fullback, and combined his speed with an intelligent boot.

BB had pulled the game back from being 10-5 down and gradulaay increased their dominance to finish victorious at 22-10, another excellent team performance against higher level opposition in a highly enjoyable and well refereed game.

This Saturday, BB 3rds play Scouts at home.

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