Sat 26
Daventry III
3rd XV
Referee: Nando

Referee: Nando

By Press Officer
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BB allowed the choice of referee to impact on how they played the game, failing to be sufficinetly positive, allowing an attacking Daventry the win.

Despite a few no shows and let downs, BB Started with promise, with Tim Brown neatly slotting a penalty shortly after kick off. Perhaps they should have mainained the momentum, for it wasn't long before Dav were on the attack.

As the game continued, BB allowed themselves to become a little frustrated at a number of decisions, and were also beginning to suffer from a number of injuries. Jay Vassell struggled on 'til half time, despite not being at all well, whilst Davie Willx overcame a couple of knocks to head and neck to continue in his vital role at 12.

Unfortunately, prop Ricardo Mouro had to be carried off with a ruptured Achilles and is now in plaster for eight weeks.

Man of the match Scott Mills was excellent at fullback, attacking from deep with pace and creativity.

Half backs Tim Brown and Eddie Tucker linked well, but as the injuries started to impact on the back line, the defensive line began to suffer a little, and Dav took advantage to break through.

This continued through the second half, and BB were fortunate not to have conceded at least one more try, thanks to the ref being unsighted. Furthermore, their own attempts to make good were frequently frustrated by controversial decisions.

Nevertheless, it was good to see Karl Enefer back from his break and enjoying himself, initially as a blod replacement for Ricardo (nose met knee) and then back on again for Ricardo's big injury.

Special mention should go to Dan Denton for the solid take of the high ball in contact and then breaking away to set up a potentially significant attacking move.

Although much of the side was a little subdued, Bobby Green sneaked around the blind side of a ruck and took an unanswered ten yard dash to drag BB back to be 12-10 down. Despite this, BB failed to press home ample possession, occasionally kicking away from a promising position, finally succumbing to pressure from Dav to concede another converted try.

Ed Tucker was unlucky to be taken out by a high tackle only yards from the line having gained a good 30 yeards. Despite appearing to signal a penalty, the ref then blew for full time.

BB's inability to focus on the task in hand means that Daventry deserved their win, which should make the final League standings interesting when they all come out in the wash.

Thanks also to Matt Masters and Luke Passmore for volunteering not to play in view of the number of subs allowed.

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