Sunday 5th April | 1926 Club Inaugural Draw

Sunday 5th April | 1926 Club Inaugural Draw

By Rachel Holliday
31 March
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Sign up now to have a chance in this Sunday's draw #GotToBeInItToWinIt

Despite our current restrictions with COVID-19 we will make best use of technology to ensure the scheduled inaugural draw of our 1926 Club goes ahead.

The draw will be recorded and then published on our various social media platforms soon after; individual winners will be contacted separately.

We have already had a great response, however if you want to be included in Sunday's historic draw - to have something exciting to look forward to in the current climate - to win some cash to save for another day - then you need to sign up before 9pm on Friday 3rd April 2020. (Obviously you can sign up after this to be included in future draws).

Similar to a traditional 100 Club, but ours will be known as the 1926 Club

  • Sign up to a monthly subscription to support fundraising for the club development fund
  • You need to be a club member (i.e. registered via our website) to purchase a £5 subscription
  • To purchase, simply go to the club website and click on Shop. the 1926 Club sits in the Fundraising section. Alternatively you can also sign up using the PitcheroClub app.
  • All payments are collected by our payment provide GoCardless; they handle all the direct debits which are covered by the direct debit guarantee. Your bank details are not visible to anyone at Northampton Old Scouts. You can cancel your subscription at any time.
  • Members are not limited to just one “subscription”, you can subscribe multiple times should you wish, however this is only possible using the PitcheroClup app.
  • The monthly draw will be undertaken on the first weekend of every month at the club. The first draw will be Sunday 5th April. Subsequent dates will be advertised in advance.
  • Each subscription will have a number allocated (which will change every month) and three numbers will be randomly drawn using an on-line random number generator
  • The total prize pot will depend upon how many subscriptions have been purchased that month, so the amount to win will vary.
  • The total revenue each month will be split 60% to the club development fund and 40% to the prize pot, which will be split as follows:
    1. First number drawn 60% of prize pot
    2. Second number drawn 30% of prize pot
    3. Third number drawn 10% of prize pot
  • Prize winners will be notified via a message to their Pitchero account; winnings will be paid directly to them on receipt of their bank details.
  • There will be 2 Super Draws each year, where for those months, 100% of the income from the monthly subscription will be paid as the prize pot
  • For transparency, we will maintain a record on the website of the winners, however you will have the option to not have your name published should you wish. The Club 1926 club pages can be found here.

If you have any other questions about the Club 1926, then please contact Stuart Relf.

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