New rules U15-18

RFU REGULATION 15 – AGE GRADE RUGBY Appendix 9 Under 15-U18s
Effective from 1 August 2016 Boys Only

U15-U18 Variations to the World Rugby Laws of the Game - BOYS ONLY
Players and Match Officials must ensure that the World Rugby Laws of Game including the World Rugby Under 19 Law Variations) and any such law variations set out below (and/or otherwise agreed by the RFU) are observed when playing boys rugby at U15 to U18 in England, which are mandatory for clubs and schools.

RFU Regulation 15
must also be complied with at all times.

Any terms defined in these Rules shall have the meanings set out in the World Rugby

Laws of the Game.

Law Variations applicable to all age grades between U15 and U18

1. Ball and Pitch Sizes:

Ball size: U15, U16, U17 and U18 – ball size 5
Pitch Size: as set out in World Rugby Law 1
2. Substitutions and Replacements:
Rolling substitutions are permitted and substituted players can be re-used at any time. Substitutions can only take place when the ball is dead and always with the referee’s knowledge.
There is no limit on the number of replacements that a team may have, even if competing teams have unequal number, unless otherwise specified by separate regulations specific to a competition.

3. Squeezeball:

No player shall use the technique known or referred to as “Squeezeball” and no person involved in the teaching or coaching of rugby may teach or coach to encourage the use the “Squeezeball” technique.
Note: “Squeezeball” is a technique where the ball carrier goes to ground, head forward (touching or close to the ground), irrespective of immediate contact with opponents, usually keeping parallel to the touchline, holding and protecting the ball close to the chest and, when on the ground, pushing the ball back between the legs.

4. Sin Bin:

If a player is temporarily suspended in an Age Grade match, the duration of time in the Sin Bin shall be as set out below:

• U15 – 6 minutes
• U16, U17 and U18 – 7 minutes

Additional Law Variations applicable to U15 only

The variations below shall also apply at U15:

5. The Scrum:

a) There is no ‘turnover’ law. If scrums are reset for wheeling beyond
45 degrees the throw-in is to the side in possession at the time it is
wheeled beyond 45 degrees.
b) The scrum-half not throwing the ball into the scrum must not move
beyond the middle line of the scrum until the ball has emerged from
the scrum or an opponent has lifted the ball from the ground. In the
event of a strike against the head, the scrum-half who has thrown the
ball into the scrum is similarly restricted in not following the ball.

Sanction: Penalty Kick.

6. Law 19 Line-Out:

(a) The lineout will be uncontested.
(b) Lifting and supporting is permitted at this age group, i.e. a player
may bind to a jumper until he has returned to the ground.