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Under 13s
U13s fantastic perforamnce on tour

U13s fantastic perforamnce on tour

By Steve Wyres
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Two games on tour with a fantastic win and a great performance in close defeat

This was the North Bristol U13s tour weekend in Newquay. 20 of the boys and their families enjoyed a brilliant weekend where everybody bonded and had a fabulous time. Obviously what happens on tour stays on tour, especially some things that happened over the weekend, in particular at tour court will leave people red (or purple/pink) faced.

About the tour games, where it seems that Ted and Cullen turned up in strange clothing. We played a double header with Penzance Pirates and Newquay Hornets and after two late nights we were not sure how much this would effect the boys. However we didn't need to worry, as they did not show any tiredness at all and the bonding of the last two days brought them together even more.

Penzance Pirates

We did start the first 5 minutes a little slower than usual as Penzance were pushing us back but Louie was able to turn over the ball and Matthew drove through their defence but unfortunately came up a bit short. We kept them pinned in their 22 and was able to turn over the ball, with Leon being able to spin out a great pass to Morgan who ran into the corner, opening the scoring. Fletcher as always was like a tackling machine, some more excellent forward play from Louie and Will allowed Leon to pass the ball out to Ellis who drove hard through many tackles to make it 2-0. Ollie made some good runs from full back causing problems to the Penzance defence.

Archie produced a brilliant turnover which allowed Louie and Ellis to drive towards the try line, with Matthew finishing the job scoring the 3rd. Penzance almost scored a breakaway try, but Tom sprinted back with a great covering tackle to ensure we finished the half 3-0. Unfortunately we lost Ellis with a shoulder injury but hopefully he will be back fit soon.

At the start of the 2nd half, Jack turned the ball over in the ruck enabling Leon to dart through the defence to score the 4th. Max put in some hard tackles, Tom picked up the ball and with some slinky aggressive running he managed to get through many tackles to score the 5th. Tom scored his 2nd soon after following some great tackles from Jack with Cullen and Max continuing to push the Pirates back towards their try lines enabling us to turnover the ball close to the line, with Tom getting it over, making it 6-0.

Number 7 came after a few phases, Cobey almost got through down the wing following a pass from Bobby, but great continued rucking from Curtis allowed Bobby to run through, offload to Will who produced an excellent pass allowing Ted to score. Jack finished off the scoring with a great strong run, half the length of the pitch leaving the defence behind.

Final score 8-0. Great to see the extra special team work with Archie and Cullen ensuring their team-mates laces were all tied up correctly.

Newquay Hornets

This was probably one of he most exciting games of the season, Newquay were an excellent team and we pushed them every step of the way. The first half was very even, Bobby, Jack and Fletcher were producing excellent tackles and the forwards were clearing out the rucks better than we had seen all season with the ever excellent Evan being especially strong today.

We almost got through a few times with a strong run from Matthew coming up a little short. Ollie made some good passes, almost getting Morgan and Cobey through down the wings, but still we weren't able to make that break. Even through it looked like we were in complete control we were unfortunately, hit twice on the break making it 2-0 at half time. Max and Archie both suffered injuries, so hopefully they will be OK for next week.

In the 2nd half Ted made an excellent tackle to stop an almost certain try and we continued to produce pressure against the Hornets. Devan, in his first game back since being on concussion protocol was strong through the whole game and made a good run but still the Hornet's defence kept us from getting through. Will barged his way straight through the Newquay ruck to win back the ball, putting us on another attack.

Fletcher continued to tackle everyone in his line of sight and at one time took out 2 players at the same time. Roo put in some cracking tackles, slowing down the opposition and getting stuck in with some great rucking. Morgan almost opened the scoring down the wing with a very fast run but was just caught. Soon after, Curtis brilliantly cleared out a ruck turning the ball over which enabled Tom to produce another driving run through many tackles to make it 2-1.

Newquay Hornets were suffering from injuries and unfortunately did not have the players to replace so Ted volunteered to play for them and did us proud doing his job with hard tackles against his usual team mates. With not long to go, Tom ran through the defence and with great team work offloaded to Morgan, who then played Tom back in coming up short to the try line, but he popped the ball up to the on-rushing Matthew who gave us a well deserved equalizer.

Unfortunately straight from the kick off, Newquay ran round our defence to make if 3-2. We pushed hard to level the game but despite some great work from Leon to keep the ball alive, we just came up short. This was a great game with massive effort from everyone. The Newquay team awarded Bobby the man of the match award, another fantastic performance from our Captain. Thanks very much to Newquay Hornets for hosting us, it was a great day.

Tries - Morgan, Ellis, Matthew(2), Leon, Tom(3), Ted, Jack

This has been a fantastic weekend, with lots of effort from many people in the club to make this successful, but special thanks has to go to Steve, Lindsey and Tank for all the work they did to make this extra special.

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