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Under 14's
Wootton Bassett
U14s defeat to Wootton Bassett in first game of the season

U14s defeat to Wootton Bassett in first game of the season

By Steve Wyres
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Great effort but lots to still work on

After summer that only seems like 5 minutes ago, the team played their first game of the season at home to Wootton Bassett on the AGP. This was an excellent game to watch and the whole team put in a massive effort while having to play on a full size pitch for the first time.

Over the summer two new players have joined the team, Zachary and Joel who both seem to have fitted into the team brilliantly putting in excellent performances.

The first quarter started at a frantic rate with Joel, Chris, Bobby and Matthew all putting in good hard tackles to stop the oppostion and win the ball back. Wootton put us under a lot of pressure and eventually managed to get the first try of the game. A good kick from us pushed them back into their 22, which allowed us to win the ball, almost getting under the posts. The team put pressure on Wootton and continued to attack the try line, Devan making some driving runs, until the ball got out to WIll who drove over to level. This year penalties and conversions have been introduced and Tank did an excellent job getting the tee out to the kicker which we are sure he will continue to excel at as the season goes on. Unfortunately the kick was missed and just before the end of the quarter Wootton were able to score again.

We started the second quarter very well. From a penalty, Jack and Tom got the ball out to Zachary, who made a very fast run almost getting into the corner before the forwards brilliantly counter rucked allowing Tom to pick the ball up and dive over the try line. Tom was then able to kick, scoring the conversion.

Leon made a couple of excellent rucks and tackles but Wootton completed a quick try under the posts. Again, we almost scored in the corner, but they were able to turn us over on their try line and run the length of the pitch to score. Wootton were able to score again soon after, but an excellent pass from George P allowed Zachary to sprint through into the corner, making the half time score 17-31.

In the third quarter, despite a well worked dummy and run from Ted, Wootton were able to score quickly. We started putting them under massive pressure, Matthew almost getting over the try line after some good runs from Zach and Cobey and hard work in the ruck from Curtis. Matthew managed to pass the ball out to Morgan who swerved and side stepped around many tackles, getting the ball over the line. Wootton were then able to score a couple more tries before the end of the quarter.

Evan put some excellent work in, with a strong run at the beginning of the last quarter; and from some great work from Bobby, he was able to put in a lovely pass to Tom, who passed out to Zachary, he then run in his second try of the game. Wootton scored their last try of the game to make it 27-55.

James made an excellent tackle and from that point on we put Wootton under continuous pressure. Diego made a hard drive into the opposition half and Joel showed what a great addition he is to the forward line with some strong hard rucking. Fletcher managed to pinch quick a try from a quick penalty and Morgan was able to sprint into the corner after some fantastic team work from Bobby and Fletcher. The final try of the day came from captain Bobby after an excellent run from Joel.

Final Score NB - 42 WB - 55

A really good game of rugby with Wootton only managing to score one more try than us, but they touched down under the posts making their conversions more straightforward. We kicked well, but it is made more difficult for the kicker when kicking from the wings. Its worth a noteable mention that Wootton had one player who scored 5 tries and unfortunately, we struggled to tackle and keep up with him. Some really good work from the scrum halfs today, Cobey and George V playing quick ball to keep us on the attack as much as possible.

Great effort today but much to work on, roll on next week.

Tries - Will W(1), Tom(1), Zachary(2), Morgan(2), Fletcher(1), Bobby (1)
Conversions - Tom (1)
Penalties - None

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