Another Local Legend Passes Widden Old Boys Allen "Tug" Wilson

Another Local Legend Passes Widden Old Boys Allen "Tug" Wilson

By Andy Payne
6 May
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Tributes to Widden Old Boys rugby legend Allen 'Tug' Wilson He was also a renowned guest speaker at local events

The Widden Old Boys club posted on Twitter: “Very sad to announce the passing of Allen 'Tug' Wilson, our former President, long term player, friend and all round great bloke, public speaker, world renowned expert on swimming pool safety and a father, husband and grandfather.
"Cheers Tug, we will all be drinking to you today.”

He joined the team playing in second row in 1965 and went on to play for many seasons. He was president of the club from 2008 until 2012 and in 2013 was made a life member due to his dedication to the club.

Tug Sponsored Many teams with the help of his Health and Safety Consultancy Company Studies in Work and was seen recently on TV Inspecting a swimming pool in a tourist Hotel

Tug was always Comical to the end when he wrote an article on his web site in his safety News Letter

Wilson’s News from Studies In Work Have a look at

Those who know me understand that I have a propensity for falling down. This is because of damage sustained to my left leg when my patio in Spain collapsed about four years ago. Anyway due the lockdown and out of sheer desperation, I attempted some gardening in general and cutting back of our Palm trees in particular. Whilst doing this, I slipped on some Palm fronds and using just my ribs and a large garden tub I managed to break my fall. Eventually and to my surprise, I started breathing again and due to past rugby experience I knew I would now be the recipient of six weeks of pain plus a bollucking (AKA a severe reprimand) off my wife. Four days later I noticed I was vomiting plus passing blood with my urine and she then dispatched me to the Doctor who seemingly did not like the look of me (understandable) and further dispatched me to the hospital. The thought of going anywhere near a hospital in these times terrified me beyond belief. The only thing that scared me more was going back home and telling Sandra that I was supposed to have gone to the hospital. It It was great and oh so unbelievably safe, a separate section for self styled VIPs with fractures etc. Here they diagnosed me as having three broken ribs and a possible kidney injury and promptly admitted me for a multitude of further tests. The tea and coffee there were absolutely dreadful, but the opiates were top notch, best I’ve had (allegedly) and I was deep into a drug induced stupor when at 1.00am, I was woken by a doctor, aged about 15, with a hairstyle similar to Sideshow Bob who asked if I would agree to NOT BEING RESUCITATED!!!!! I am sure if I had not been under a stupor from the Morphine, I would have left the hospital there and then. The doctor then explained that because of the state of my ribs, I would not survive CPR being employed upon me. I refused! Personally I was glad I did not have my organ donor card with me, although I am unsure if I now have any organs or parts a recipient would even consider having. Thanks to the way I was looked after by my family and the hospital staff and my eternal gratitude to all of them . So now I’m back home, getting fussed over and no mention of finishing the gardening Don’t be frightened of attending Gloucester Royal Hospital, but if you do, take your own flask of tea/coffee.

On a personal note i will remember tug for all the help and advise given by him while we were both Health and Safety Professionals

On the field when playing at Frampton Cotteral Tug was in the second row behind me when we went down for a scrum I recall a (Whack) to the face as you can imagine in those days it erupted in to Brawl .

While the ref was sorting it out Tug politely apologies to me and said sorry Payner that was not meant for you !!!

Tug Liked to Tour and his antics on tour would boost the beer kitty ever time.

Tug will be remembered for all the after dinner speech's he made at nearly every rugby club in the city and beyond along with the referees dinner on numerous occasions.

Condolences to Sandra and family at this difficult time.

When available the Club will be holding a very special event for a very special Character Friend, Widden old boys and the local rugby Community will miss you massively

However you will never be forgotten at Widden as you were a LEGEND RIP TUG

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