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Anti-Bullying Policy


“THE CLUB” takes seriously the problems caused by bullying and is committed to providing an environment in which bullying or any other form of harassment are not tolerated in any form.
The Club will ensure that all of its members (which include its employees, coaches, players, officials, volunteer helpers and parents) subscribe to, and agree to be bound by, the Club’s policy on bullying and will ensure that its members acknowledge that they have a duty to ensure that the policy is observed by others.
It is appreciated that “bullying” is not always easy to define and may not necessarily consist of an isolated incident of an adult abusing a young person.
Bullying usually takes place over a period of time and the bully may be an adult as well as a young person.

Examples include:
• Hitting.
• Kicking.
• Unwanted physical contact.
• Theft.
• Any other form of violence.
• Racist or homophobic remarks.
• Name-calling.
• Sarcasm.

• Spreading rumours.

• Ridiculing.

• Taunting.

• Abusive or offensive comments of a sexual nature.
• Threats.
• Persistent negative feedback.

Examples of bullying maybe by but are not limited to:

• A parent who pushes their child too hard.

• A coach who adopts a “win at all costs” philosophy.

• A player who intimidates others.

• An official who is over-officious.

Liaise with the child welfare officer and Chairman of the Club and or Chairman of the Section (Youth or Mini) to which the victim and the bully belong.


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