Sat 08
Shields Field Three Sides

Shields Field Three Sides

By David Shield
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Win, Lose or Draw - Rugby wins at North Shields

Pre-match craic…

Old boys’ reunion at the club brings together the old gits for the opportunity to prove the theory that the longer you are retired the better you were…

On pitch three teams out! 71 year old Arnie Wilson pays in both the 3xv game and 2xv game.

North Shields RFC 3xv v HMS Northumberland – 29-29 draw. North Shields are rightly proud of their ship building roots and always honoured to welcome our Armed Forces. Great game great guests, we were proud to host you.

2xv were 43-0 victors over Percy Park 3xv. Last season Park fielded a genuine 3xv which included an ex international, an ex-premier league player and a host of players with National 3 experience, Shields took their medicine, refused to call off early and were battered by Park – we also ensured we acted as gracious hosts. This year Shields can rightly be proud of their progress. A good mix of experience and youth saw Shields outmuscle their opponents and move to a 43-0 lead, this resulted in Park electing not to take up Shields offer of further replacements, Park’s reluctance to continue rather resulted in the game ending on 45 minutes. Sadly the majority of Park players also declined post-match hospitality and the chance to celebrate grass roots rugby with our friends from HMS Northumberland. Fortunately, Shields being Shields, the pies did not go to waste…

North Shields 0 Middlesbrough 71

Now the loss – I’ll start at the end…

“We were beaten by a team that out skilled us – that’s ok. We were not beaten on effort” …

Matthew Dockey (Team Bard)

Shields entertained Middlesbrough on a perfect pitch, but with a wind blowing the length of the field.

After last week’s disappointing performance and despite missing several senior players Shields were determined to get back to playing with passion and determination. Starting positively Shields drove deep in to the Middlesbrough half and for the opening five minutes pinned Boro deep in their 22. Shields opted for touch on several occasions when perhaps early points would have been of use. However, on 7 minutes Middlesbrough used their first meaningful possession to simply go wide quickly and outpace the cover defence from their own half. This set the tone of the game, despite parity at set piece Shields could not live with Boro’s use of the ball – turnovers were shipped wide at speed, forwards fixed defenders and the Boro backs ran some excellent lines. The half ended with a mesmerising run from young Leon who danced through several tackles and with the line at his mercy he selflessly off-loaded to “thin air” - indicative of Shields endeavour but lack of killer instinct.

Half Time 0-47

The loss of Lemmons, Marshall and Charlton weakened the forward platform, further injuries to Dockey, Kingsley-Smith and Kemsley weakened the team further but the fit players simply increased their defensive effort; however, Boro ran in four further tries – their last typifying the game; a Boro interception, from an off-load in their 22, outflanked an exhausted cover defence.

Being beaten by a better team is part of sport and all you can do is give your all, we could not ask for more from the 18 players representing Shields.

As for Middlesbrough – fantastic team - you cut us to pieces with some excellent rugby – good luck for the rest of the season.

Report by Tom Gallon.

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