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4. Overseas FAQ's

Please find information about playing rugby here in England below, as well as a range of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Northwich RUFC
Northwich are a well established club in Cheshire Northwest England.

Do I need a Work Permit?
Yes, to play here an overseas player needs a work permit or working visa. A two year working visa is relatively easy to obtain on the internet for Australian players. For other countries players should consult their own passport offices about student visas. The visa takes a while to process, so enough time must be left between application and traveling to the UK. You will not be able to play and receive the benefits described below without a work permit or working visa.

Will I be able to find a job?
The club has good contacts with a wide range of sponsor companies in the area and there is usually plenty of part time job opportunities available. We are happy to introduce overseas players to suitable employers and arrange job interviews as appropriate.

How do I get a bank account?
With a local address and visa, the club will be able to help you set up a UK based bank account. This would normally provide access to a cash machine and online access so that for example money can be wired from your home country.

Will Northwich help with air fares or travel costs to England?
Yes, once we have agreed a club placement, we are prepared to pay 50% of your air fare upon arrival in Northwich, with the remaining 50% after playing an agreed number of first team games.

Will you provide accommodation?
Yes, through club members we are prepared to arrange suitable accommodation locally, free of charge, providing an agreed number of games are played.

What about leisure time? What is there to do?
Northwich is a busy little town with plenty of life outside the rugby club and is close to Chester, Manchester and Liverpool for access to theatres and city entertainment.

When does the club play and train?
The Club team play on Saturday afternoons with the mini, junior and colts teams playing on Sundays. Training is arranged two nights a week. Free membership of a local well equipped gym is provided to maintain a high level of fitness.

What about club strips?
Club shirts, shorts and socks are provided free. A range of leisure wear, ties and tops can be purchased at the club shop.