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1. Volunteer Reward Scheme

Northwich RUFC Volunteer Reward Scheme

Northwich RUFC has operated for 50 years, success is due to the volunteers we have within the Club, where elected or appointed positions on committees or for weekly matches and training by coaches, team managers or parents.

In our 50th year, the Club feels that it is time to provide a suitable volunteer recognition programme to ensure that their work is recognised and to promote the importance of the role of the volunteer within our organisation.

The Volunteer Rewards Scheme (VRS)

The Volunteer Reward System has been set up to encourage volunteering at Northwich RUFC. Points can be accrued by Club Members for various tasks involved in running the club. Points can be redeemed by Club Members to gain free access to Events, free access to approved accredited Training Courses, receive Gift Vouchers or for Special Club Merchandise designed specifically for Volunteer Awards.

The Volunteer Reward System is made easy to administer and generous enough to encourage volunteering to all Club Members and Parents.

Points will be awarded for the following.

Organise or help at an Event (4 Hours) 20 points
Set up equipment for an Event or Senior/Ladies Match 5 points
Clear up after an Event or Senior/Ladies Match 5 points
Organise and coordinate a single Club fundraising Event 50 points
Coaching/Training/Match Session (Team Managers and Coaches) 10 points
Match Official (For Competition or Seniors, e.g. Referee) 5 points
Attend County/Disciplinary Meeting on behalf of Club 10 points
Voluntary work in Club Shop (2 hours) 5 points
Voluntary work in Club’s food and beverage services (2 hours) 5 points
Attend approved/accredited RFU training course 10 points
Volunteer of the month 25 points
Hygiene & Food Course (on receipt of copy of certificate) 10 points
First Aid Course (on receipt of copy of certificate) 10 points
Elected or appointed Committee member for 12 months 25 points
Member skills database 5 points
GMS maintained for Season 25 points
Recruit a new player or club member (paying annual subscription) 25 points
Allocated responsibility due to Member Non-Rugby skill 15 points
This is also to encourage Club Members to progress in skills and hopefully allow them to share their skills with others through teaching and workshops.

The Rewards

30 points = One Voucher for entry into End of Year (Awards Night) Raffle.
100 points = Club Shop Voucher value £10 e.g. Club Tie or T-Shirt
200 points = Club Shop Voucher value £20 e.g. Training Top
300 points = Club Shop Voucher value £30 e.g. Hoodie

Funding for Rewards

Funding is made allocated to the VRS from The Club annual budget. Donations and Sponsorship contributions can also be received to fund this VRS program.

Club Membership

A Club Member is defined as having completed the registration process and has a valid current membership. This includes the following:
 Senior Playing Membership (1XV, 2XV, 3XV, Ladies)
 Senior Non-Player Membership
 Life Membership
 Current active M&J (Minis, Juniors, Girls and Colts) Membership entitling younger members as M&J Members and parents/guardians as Family Members
Note that:
 No Points are collectable unless a membership is current and the work is on a voluntary basis
 Points are reset to zero on expiration of membership
 Discretionary allocation of additional points by committee beyond those specified above.


The Volunteer Points System is run by the Scheme Administrator who is a Committee Member. Points accrued and redeemed by Club Members are all logged with the Scheme Administrator who keeps a running total of all points awarded and redeemed throughout the year.
Points can be awarded by the elected committee members for the year. The points are awarded to Club Members and Parents on completion of the above tasks. The committee member who awards points must log the points with the Scheme Administrator promptly. Points can only be redeemed through the Scheme Administrator.
Club Members who attend as a family may pool their points together if they wish, to attain the rewards more quickly. Club members not wishing to use their accrued points may transfer them to another Club Member at the discretion of the Scheme Administrator.

Volunteers working environment

The Club is to provide a safe working environment for its volunteers as dictated by law.
Volunteers are to have suitable attire regarding work that they are undertaking – e.g. kitchen areas, bar areas and specifically for special events such as Festival where they need to be easily identifiable and visible for traffic control, public assistance and access for working areas. Some activities require training courses which the Club will fund for the work to be undertaken.
Volunteers involved in organised fundraising events or other outside events such as the Festival will be entitled to refreshments during their breaks as agreed with the event organiser. As we are a Charity, refreshments need to be similar for all age groups and should not nclude alcohol as we hold a duty of care to anyone volunteering and we cannot condone drug and alcohol while volunteers are working. (Compliance with Health and Safety Workers regulations)

Awards Night

Awards night will include recognition of our volunteers, Club person of the Year has 3 trophies currently – senior men’s, ladies and juniors. This should be used for Volunteer of the Year going forward. We should also acknowledge our volunteers via certificates as outlined in the RFU Awards Recognition programme.


Volunteer Rewards Scheme