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Meet the Members of Northwich Rugby: Antony Keller

Meet the Members of Northwich Rugby: Antony Keller

By john blower
24 March
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The real reason we got rid of the pool table!

Rugby career
12 years at Northwich

Favourite Team Moment
Was lifting the trophy in 2016/17 season. 1st in the league, 2nd in the cup.

Favourite Individual Moment,
LSH away in 2015 (roughly), losing by 1 point with a minute to go, we win a penalty smack on the half way line and I managed to make the kick to get us the win.

You could hear the ball skim the cross bar

Worst rugby moment
- None, Enjoy the good and learn from the bad.

Although my ankles buckle WAY too often.

Sporting idol to meet
- Paul O'Connell.

Change law and why
- Tough one, I don't really have any laws that I disagree with enough to want to change them.

Who or what Inspired to play rugby
- I lost a bet to Dan Millington and I had to come and play one game of rugby (never played before).

When I was able to outrun everybody on the opposition, I was then mithered to stay down, however I kept refusing.

After the game somebody challenged me to a game of pool in the clubhouse and said if I won I they wouldn't ask me to play again, if they won, I had to stay until they told me I could stop playing

.. They still haven't told me I can stop.

NRUFC in 3 words
- My Second Family

Advice to young players
- Take a chance on it, I had no interest or experience, I couldn't catch, pass or tackle (some would say I still can't).

I was just a skinny lad who could run who turned up for one game because of a bet - 12 years later I have hundreds of stories to tell, great memories, good friends and I wouldn't change a single moment of any of it.

Cooking for 6
- I wouldn't wish my cooking on my worst enemy!

If it's good food and drink with 6 people, I would probably say family.

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