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NEW series on the horizon

NEW series on the horizon

By john blower
7 October
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Knowing your Club

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A weekly offering

We will be sharing a new series of posts on Northwich players & playing positions.

With focus on 1st team players both current and through the ages, and explain each position on the pitch as we see it.

Each post will include a short profile of a current club player plus two or three others from the past.

Rugby positions have always been characterised by the notion that the sport is a game for all shapes and sizes.

Uniquely, all rugby positions requires a different set of physical and technical attributes and it is this diversity which makes the game so accessible to all.

Rugby can be overly serious. Therefore, we hope our guide will amuse and inform.

Let's explain

For instance you may hear of the fly-half, stand-off, outside-half, five-eighth (5/8th) first five-eighth (1st 5/8th) all terms for a player wearing the 10 jersey.

In certain countries you will hear terms like ‘1st 5’ and ‘2nd 5’. It comes from ‘1st 5/8’ and ‘2nd 5/8’, and refers to the flyhalf (10) and inside centre (12) respectively.

I recommend you ignore these terms, because they were thought up by someone without any clue of fractions.

We all know there are only 7 players in the backline, so the ‘eighth’ is meaningless.

Add to that the fact that in a set of fractions there can only be one 5/8, the ‘2nd’ becomes even more ridiculous.

If you ask me, these were thought up by people without the faintest idea of counting, never mind fractions.

Did you know

If you are interested in the evolution of the scrum (from a 20 man scrum to modern day), check out this 10 minute podcast by Professor Tony Collins. His Rugby Reloaded podcast is a fantastic and informative listen. A short history of the scrum

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