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Superstars parents share their experience of Northwich Rugby

Superstars parents share their experience of Northwich Rugby

By john blower
15 April
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We decided that instead of telling you about Northwich Superstars rugby ourselves, that we would ask the parents.

If you're a parent deciding what sport your child should try, and you don't have rugby on your list, then you're making a mistake.

Unlike just about any other team sport, rugby is about all players having the same opportunity to have fun, run with the ball, pass the ball, and play. It's very difficult to dominate a game with one really good player. You need everyone to play a part, and because of that, everyone gets to participate.

Playing rugby helps children learn about competition. Competing is healthy, but many children don't learn about how much fun a healthy sense of competition can be. Playing rugby is a great way to teach kids that competition is a good thing when it's approached with a sense of team spirit and a focus on fair play.

And since what we want for our kids at a young age is for them to get outside, run around, be a part of something, and enjoy themselves, it seems like rugby is a good choice.


We continually ask for feedback from the parents of our Superstars minis players

We decided that instead of telling you about Northwich Superstars rugby ourselves, that we would ask the parents of the existing superstars players to share their experience of Northwich Rugby Club.

Hear what the parents said below…

1) What do you enjoy about the Northwich Superstars minis and youth section?

- It is great to watch and take part in
- I love seeing my child enjoy seeing his friends
- It is a really welcoming club with great coaches and well organised
- I love the family atmosphere and the kindness and patience of the coaches. This approach has improved my sons rugby far more than any of his school coaches
- It is a really inclusive club, who make you feel welcome and cater for children of all ages and abilities. The coaches are fantastic and are wonderful with the children
- I enjoy how friendly the club is and how excellent the coaching is. Especially given that it is all voluntary
- I enjoy seeing my son make new friends that are not at his school
- I like the friendly family atmosphere. There is no judgement, and all are welcome!
- Every group is very well managed in terms of behaviour, the approach to the children, and the quality of each session. Training is extremely well delivered and well balanced. My child is happy and enjoys participating in sessions
- Seeing how much the kids enjoy it. Not only is it great exercise for them but fun as well. Everyone leaves with smiles on their faces including parents - even on rainy days. I love seeing the kids become more confident, making new friends and pushing themselves to do a little better each week.

2) What would you say to anyone thinking of bringing their child to join Northwich Superstars Rugby?

- Do it, the kids will love it
- There is nothing to lose by giving it a try. We did a taster with two kids, one who did not want to do it and I never thought he’d go back… and they both loved it
- Try it. I would 100% recommend it. Even when we moved to a new house in a different area, we still come back to Northwich as our kids love it
- Give it a try. I never thought my 5-year-old would participate. But it has given him self-confidence, self-discipline, and is teaching him all sorts of lessons about teamwork, sharing and taking turns.
- Rugby is great for teaching kids
- Definitely do it. The coaching is amazing, age appropriate, and everyone is really friendly
- Give it a go. It is great value for money and something for everyone. The kids have a great time out in the fresh air, the parents can enjoy meeting other parents over a cup of tea and bacon roll. Plus, there are social events throughout the season. Brilliant!
- Give it a go, the kids will love it and have fun from start to finish come rain or shine.
- It is a good excuse to get your kids out on a Sunday morning to mix with other kids - which you do not always see first-hand when they are at school. It is great for confidence and a good introduction to a team sport.

Thank you to all the parents for the great feedback. You are all an integral part of the success of Northwich minis rugby. We massively appreciate all your support not only to the club, but to ensuring your children can play a full part in the amazing Superstars section. Without you it wouldn’t be possible.

If having read the above reviews you are interested in bringing your child down to give Northwich Superstars rugby a try, or would like to ask any questions about our rugby offer or format, then please contact us via our website or social media pages.

The Northwich Rugby Superstars section was re-established 4 years ago and provides an enjoyable rugby experience for children within the local area. The section has gone from strength to strength and now sees over 100 superstars mini players participating on a Sunday morning – with the club now providing rugby Superstars section for children aged 3-13.
The club boasts qualified minis rugby coaches, and qualified first aiders in each age group – all who care passionately about the quality of rugby and sessions provided.
The club has the ambition to continue the growth of the section, to provide a great experience for our young players, and develop a strong future for the club as a whole.
To aid this growth, the club is still recruiting new players of all ages, with all levels of experience welcome to join.

Training sessions are every Sunday at Northwich Rugby Club, Moss Farm, Firdale road, CW8 4BH.

Please be aware we are still operating under Covid guidelines and training times are staggered Pre-school to Year 1, 9.30am – 10.30am, School Years 2-7, 10.30am – 11.30am.

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