Community Club Constitution

Nuneaton Town Community Football Club

Constitution and Rules 2014-2015

1. TITLE 1
10. QUORUM 4
15. EQUITY 5

1. Title
1.1. The club shall be known as Nuneaton Town Community Football Club.
1.2. The club shall be members of, or be affiliated to any such bodies that the General Management Committee may decide.
1.3. The object of the club is to provide facilities for and promote participation of the whole community in the sport of association football.
2. General Management Committee
2.1. The General Management Committee shall consist of the following:

  • Honorary President;
  • Chairperson;
  • Two Vice Chairs:
  • One for Ladies and Girls;
  • One for Men and Boys;
  • Secretary;
  • Assistant Secretary;
  • Minutes Secretary;
  • Treasurer;
  • Promoter;
  • Two Child Welfare Officers;
  • Plus equal representation from each team within the club currently set as (1).

3. Executive Committee
3.1. The elected Honorary Officers, including child welfare officers shall form the Club's Executive Committee.
3.2. The Executive Committee will perform the management functions of the organisation.
3.3. The Executive Committee has authority to manage the Club's affairs, authorise equipment procurement and other expenditures commensurate with the efficient running of the organisation, regulate teams within the Club's rules, and is accountable for the good management of the Club's business.
4. General Management Committee Meetings
4.1. The General Management Committee shall meet on the first Thursday of each month, unless otherwise agreed.

4.2. The General Management Committee will serve as the focal point within the Club to discuss matters of common interest, import and concern. The meeting will act as the main communication vehicle across teams/sections and for information transfer.
4.3. The General Management Committee will:

  • act as Scrutiny Group in respect of the Financial Management of the Club and receive the Treasurers Report at each meeting;
  • refer issues, concerns, suggestions or proposals to the Executive Committee for consideration.

4.4. Teams not providing a representative on more than two occasions in a season will incur a £5.00 internal fine, deducted from that team’s bursary.
5. Special Meetings
5.1. A Special Meeting of the club may be called by any registered player of the club or parent/guardian of a registered player, or any member of the Management Committee, providing 28 days notice is given along with the reason for calling the meeting and is submitted to the Secretary.
5.2. The Secretary shall acknowledge such a request in writing and subsequently notify all the General Management Committee, all the registered players and parents/guardians of the meeting being called, along with the notice/agenda. With the exception of rules 17 (Dissolution) the rule 19 (Alterations and Additions to Rules) a Special Meeting can only be called if supported by 66% or more of the club's registered players or parents/guardians of the players and members of the Management Committee.
5.3. Only the business or issues outlined on the agenda or notice will be discussed at a Special Meeting.
5.4. Only one vote per player or guardian (not both) will be allowed at a Special Meeting. The General Management Committee shall be allowed to vote. The Chairperson may exercise the right to a casting vote when votes are equal. The Chairperson's decision shall be final.
6. Annual General Meeting
6.1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held on the first Thursday in June of each year. The Secretary shall confirm in writing the date, venue and commencement time to all registered players, parents/guardians at least 7 days in advance.

7. Nominations and Voting at the Annual General Meeting
7.1. The Chairperson shall at the Annual General Meeting call for nominations to fill the positions outlined in rule 2 (Noting that the Chairperson's term of Office is for 3 years). The meeting shall also appoint an auditor to audit the accounts of the Club. All nominations must be proposed and seconded. Where there is more than one nomination to fill a vacant position, a ballot shall be conducted to conclude the outcome.
7.2. All the General Management Committee shall be allowed to vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and all the players or parents/guardians shall be allowed to vote on the basis of one registration in the previous season per vote. Where the votes are of equal numbers to fill any position, the Chairperson may exercise the right to a casting vote or call upon a ballot of the entire membership of the club, including all the members of the General Management Committee and all the registered players, parents/guardians (one vote per registration). This ballot shall be conducted in the week following the AGM. The decision of the Chairperson shall be final.
8. Business of the Annual General Meeting
8.1. The business of the AGM shall follow the agenda as set out below.
8.2. The Chairperson, Vice Chairperson or Honorary President shall preside over the meeting.
8.3. Agenda:

  • Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting;
  • Chairperson's Report;
  • Secretary's Report;
  • Managers' Reports of each team;
  • Auditor's Report and Adoption of Balance Sheets;
  • Election of Officers as outlined in Rule 2 & 6;
  • Appointment of Auditor;
  • Any other business of which prior notice has been given .

9. Voting
9.1. All the General Management Committee shall be allowed to vote on any issue. All motions must be proposed and seconded. The Chairperson may exercise the right to a casting vote when votes are equal. The Chairperson's decision shall be final.

10. Quorum
10.1. A General Management Committee Meeting. A Special Meeting or the Annual General Meeting shall not proceed unless attended by at least 50% of the General Management Committee.
11. Membership
11.1. Membership of the Club shall be open to all persons irrespective of ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs; or of age, sex or disability I except as a necessary consequence of the requirements of association football as a particular sport.
11.2. The Club may refuse membership or expel from membership only for good and sufficient cause, such as conduct or character likely to bring the Club or sport into disrepute. Appeal against such a decision may be made to the Club's members and decided by a majority Vote.
11.3. A club registration/membership form shall be completed and returned to the Team Manager who shall authorise the form and return the said form to the Secretary or Assistant Secretary so that the player can be placed on the Clubs membership register. All members of the Club shall be subject to the minimum donation, subscription or sponsorship conditions set out in Appendix 1 and the Code of Conduct set out in Appendix 2.
11.4. An Associate Membership shall be created for non-playing persons. These members shall be known as “Associate Members”. They shall have access to all non-playing benefits of the club save for voting rights at special meetings or annual general meetings.
11.5. While serving in any branch of Her Majesty’s Regular Forces, a player must first obtain the consent of his/her Commanding Officer before signing a registration form to play for a Club.
11.6. A new playing member that joins a team part way through the season, that being 1st January onwards. Then a reduced Subscription of £15 will be required before any kit is ordered or the player plays for a club team. The new member will not receive a season ticket and the player will be asked to make a minimum donation for each month of not less than £15.00 with no maximum.
12. Insurance Cover
12.1. The Club shall ensure that all registered players are insured whilst representing the Club. The level of cover shall be agreed by the Executive Committee prior to the commencement of each season. The Executive Committee shall also ensure the Club include public liability cover.
13. Child Protection
13.1. The Club shall ensure the safety, welfare and protection of all minors registered with the Club in accordance with the Football Association Child Protection Policy, Procedure and Practices. The Club shall continue to promote best practice and the Club shall ensure all managers/coaches, volunteers and any other persons with responsible roles shall be Criminal Records Bureau checked.
14. Codes of Conduct
14.1. The club's codes of conduct, as outlined in Appendix 2, shall be acknowledged by every registered player of the Club, managers/coaches, supporters, parents/guardians and officials of the Club. It is with the Intended spirit of the document that the Club intend to keep good discipline.
14.2. Fines incurred of a disciplinary nature by managers, officials of the Club OR adult players, shall be the responsibility of and paid by the individual Incurring the fine.
15. Equity
15.1. The Club shall promote mixed football up to the maximum age permitted by the Football Association and thereafter shall continue to promote both male and female league football. The Club shall operate and open policy and shall encourage players irrespective of age, ability, race or gender.
15.2. Each player registered will be given the opportunity to play in a reasonable number of games played by the team during the season to encourage the player to develop their ability to play in competitive league and cup football.
16. Club Finances and Expenditures
16.1. With the exception of "continual expenditure" such as match day, league and county expenditure, local authority pitch hire, agreed training facility hire, no other expenditure shall be agreed without the endorsement of the Executive Committee at its monthly meeting.
16.2. Any other expenditure that would be deemed an emergency or necessary will only be sanctioned with the approval of the Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and the account signatories. These items of expenditure shall be reported to the full Executive Committee at the following monthly meeting.
16.3. Nuneaton Town Community FC is accountable to the County FA and under FA rules to account for all monies raised in the name of Nuneaton Town Community FC or for the benefit of any of its teams.
16.4. The records of account monies are to be maintained within the control of the Club Treasurer. No bank account can be maintained under the Club's name under FA rules without this being agreed by the Executive Committee.

16.5. Any such accounts will be subject to separate rules agreed with the Club Treasurer.
17. Teams Income and Expenditure
17.1. It shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer to produce upon request to any mangers a full income and expenditure breakdown of his/her particular teams finances during the same financial year. It shall be the responsibility of the team manager to provide all information regarding finances to include all payments and receipts to the Treasurer upon request.
17.2. The Income and Property of the Club shall be applied solely towards promoting the Club's objects as set forth in this constitution and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred, directly or indirectly, to members of the Club.
18. Organised Planned Events
18.1. Any team planning such events as tours, weekends away, tournaments away etc., shall advise the Executive Committee and of such events at it's monthly meetings and provide the full itinerary of the event. All events are to comply with Club, League, County FA and FA rules.
18.2. The Executive Committee and shall have the poser to recommend and enforce the cancellation of any event considered unsuitable for the Club and children involved.
19. Fund Raising
19.1. The Club does not foresee organising any club fundraising activities for individual teams and this will be the responsibility of each team to undertake. As such the Club's main concern is the appropriateness of any event and to avoid bringing the Club any adverse publicity or reaction. Therefore, all events must be agreed with the General Management Committee and authorised by the Executive Committee before undertaking. Any event liable to create adverse reaction or publicity towards the Club will not be agreed by the Executive Committee.
20. Dissolution
20.1. If the Executive Committee decides that it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the Club, it shall call a meeting in accordance with rule 5. If the proposal is confirmed by two-thirds majority of those present at the meeting and voting, the Executive Committee shall be empowered to realise any assets held by the Club.
20.2. In the event of the dissolution of the Club, any assets remaining after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall not be paid to or distributed amongst the members of the Club, but shall be given or transferred to one or more of the following approved sporting or charitable bodies:

 a registered charitable organisation(s);
 another club which is registered at the CASC;
 the sports national governing body for use by them for related community sports.
21. Complaints and Disciplinary Procedure
21.1. In the event that any member feels that he or she has suffered from any form of discrimination or that the Club's policies, rules or codes of conduct have been broken, or the Club receives a complaint from outside the organisation the process set out below will be followed:

 the member should report the matter to the Club Secretary
 or to a named officer noted in Rule 2;
 any matter relating to child protection should be reported to
 one of the child welfare officers noted in Rule 2;
 any matter from outside the organisation must be directed to the Club Secretary.
21.2. Internal reports should include:

  • details of what, when or where the occurrence took place;
  • any witness statements (signed by the witness);
  • names of any other members who have been treated in a similar way;

  • details of any former complaints made, directly related to the incident.

External matters will be examined on their content.
21.3. The Club shall establish a Disciplinary Committee to hear these matters. The Disciplinary Committee will consist of:

  • the Chairperson;
  • one of the Vice Chairpersons (Relating to the section concerned in any complaint or disciplinary matter);

  • three members of the General Management Committee not connected with the complaint or disciplinary matter.

  • 21.4.
The Chairperson shall convene the Disciplinary Committee as appropriate.
21.5. The Disciplinary Committee will have the power to:
  • warn as to future conduct;
  • suspend from membership;
  • remove from membership any person found to have broken the Club's policies or codes of conduct.

21.6. Members participating in adult football, or above the age of 18 and not in full-time education will be personally liable for fines incurred by their actions on the football pitch or whilst managing, coaching or being party to a team event.
22. Tied Voting
22.1. In the event of a tied vote on any actions the Chairperson will have a casting vote.


Club Costs
a). The premise of the organisations funding is simple. Individual members are required to pay a one off subscription to the club at the rate in the membership section. Each team must pay the club a minimum donation equal to the table below to be covered under the clubs membership. Teams can raise funds required to join the club by donations, sponsored events or through individual or team sponsorship. This is subject to the rates reflecting the leagues in which teams are entered as follows:
 Nuneaton & Bedworth League – minimum donation of £119 per season for each registered player;
 Midland Junior Premier League - minimum donation £149 per season for each registered player;
 Teams in Adult Leagues - minimum donation £150 per season for each registered player.

Sponsorship for players is set at £150 per season. Members obtaining sponsorship will not be asked to make any donations and Members obtaining sponsorship part way through the season to the full annual value shall have the value of their donation (to that date) refunded if so requested.

b). The above minimum donation can be payable over 7 months, from September to March. Sponsorship of individual players to be paid in a single amount normally at the start of the season, otherwise the request for a donation pertains. If during a season sponsorship of an individual player is obtained any donations (to date) can be reimbursed on payment of the sponsorship amount if so requested. The club request that donations at 50% of the annual minimum amount to be paid before the end of November each year and 75% by the end of February.

c). Members making a bulk donation before 30th September of a new season can have a 1/7th of the annual minimum donation reduced leaving only a minimum donation of 6/7ths of the yearly team cost requested.

d). The managers or an appointed administrator shall be responsible for the collection of donations and any other subsequent payment to the Club Treasurer at each monthly meeting.

e). Players sustaining "Long Term Injury" (4 weeks duration or more) shall not be asked to make any donations until they are fit to return to training.

f). Registered members defaulting on annual subscriptions may be subject to the Club's disciplinary procedure.

g). Teams defaulting on subscriptions may be subject to the Club's disciplinary procedure, this result in the club withdrawing team’s membership from the organisation and or from participating in competition.

h). There is no requirement for players to pay any subscription save for the amount mentioned in the “Membership Fee” section to play in a team. Providing the annual subscription is paid, the player need not make any further payment. Donations are a request and method the clubs uses for running teams in leagues, providing insurance, equipment, kit, pitches and referee’s. The club reserves the right to refuse a donation from parties that it feels are not operating in the same interests of the provision of sport as the club.

Membership Fee
There shall be a subscription currently set at £25 per annum for playing members and £40.00 per annum for non-playing members who will now be known as associate members, collected upon registration annually.

This fee shall apply to all new members from the start of the 2014/15 Season and to current members from the start of the 2014/15 Season.

Registered players non-competing in league football i.e. under 7 years of age
The minimum donation for registered players mentioned above shall be £1.50p weekly and collected on the day of training or friendly game. Where training or friendly games are cancelled no donation is required.

In addition, any additional training facility hire required shall be paid by the relevant section.

All registered players of the club shall be subject to conditions in paragraph (a) with the exception of those registered players competing in league football where they have younger brothers or sisters competing in league football within the Club. In these circumstances the following rates shall apply:

A reduction of 25% applicable to the second member and a further 25% to each additional member.

The reduction shall apply with the reduction applicable to the older member downwards.


Code of Conduct for Team Managers/Officials

Obligations towards the Game
The Team Official should:
1. Set a positive example for others, particularly young players and supporters.
2. Promote and develop his own team, having regard to the interest of the players, supporters and reputation of the national game.
3. Share knowledge and experience when invited to do so, taking into account the interest of the body that has requested this rather than personal interest.
4. Avoid all forms of gamesmanship.
5. Show due respect to match officials and others involved in the game.
6. Always have regard to the best interests of the game, including when publicly expressing an opinion of the game and any particular aspect of it, including others involved in the game.
7. Not use or tolerate inappropriate language.
8. Managers/Team officials should be aware of the capabilities of their players, particularly when participating in two games or sports on the same day.

Obligations towards the Team
The Team Official should:
1. Make every effort to develop the sporting, technical and tactical levels of the Club/Team, and seek to obtain the best results by the team, using all permitted means.
2. Give priority to the interests of the team over individual interests.
3. Resist all illegal or unsporting influences, including banned substances and techniques.
4. Promote ethical principles.
5. Show due respect to the interests of players, coaches and other officials, at their own club/team or others.

Code of Conduct for Parents/Spectators

A parents/spectators expectations and attitudes have a significant bearing on a child’s attitude towards:
 Other players
 Officials
 Managers
 Spectators

1. All parents/spectators within our club are to be positive and encouraging towards all of the children, not just their own.
2. All parents/spectators are desired to:
 Applaud the opposition as well as your own team.
 Please do not coach any child before, during or after the game.
 Not to shout and scream.
 Respect the referee’s decisions.
 Give attention to each of the children involved in football, not just the most talented.
 Give encouragement to everyone to participate in football.
3. All parents/spectators within our club are required to agree and adhere to our club’s Code of Conduct and Child Protection Policy.
4. Parents should be aware of the capabilities of their child, particularly when participating in two games or sports on the same day.

Parents Name…………………………………………………….


Code of Conduct for Players

Obligations towards the game
A player should:
1. Make every effort to develop their own sporting abilities, in terms of skill, technique, tactics and stamina.
2. Give maximum effort and strive for the best possible performance during the game, even if his team is in a position where the desired result has already been achieved.
3. Set a positive example for others, particularly young players and supporters.
4. Avoid all forms of gamesmanship and time wasting.
5. Always have regard to the best interests of the game, including when publicly expressing an opinion of the game and any particular aspect of it, including others involved in the game.
6. Not use inappropriate language.

Obligations towards one’s own team
A player should:
1. Make every effort consistent with fair play and the laws of the game to help his/her own team to win.
2. Resist any influence which might, or might be seen to, bring into question his commitment to the team winning.
3. Have clean boots for all matches.
4. Wear tie-ups to socks.
5. Wear full club apparel when arriving/leaving games.
6. Not wear club apparel outside of football or to school.
7. Keep all kit and equipment clean and in good condition.
8. Support club events at all times.
9. Not be conducting themselves outside of the club in a way that the Executive Committee finds unacceptable – i.e. participating in dishonesty or violence
10. Bring or partake of alcohol at either games or training.

Respect for the laws of the game and competition rules
A player should:
1. Know and abide by the laws, rules and spirit of the game and the competition rules.
2. Accept success and failure, victory and defeat, equally.
3. Resist any temptation to take banned substances or use banned techniques.

Fair play and respect for all others in the game is fundamentally important – Respect towards opponents
A player should:
1. Treat opponents with due respect at all times, irrespective of the result of the game.
2. Safeguard the physical fitness of opponents, avoid violence and rough play, and help injured opponents.

Respect towards match officials
A player should:
1. Accept the decision of match officials without protest.
2. Avoid words or actions which may mislead a match official.
3. Show due respect towards match officials.

Respect towards club/team officials
A player should:
1. Abide by the instructions of their Coach and Club/Team Officials, provided they do not contradict the spirit of this Code.
2. Shoe due respect towards the club/team officials of the opposition.
3. If an adult ensure team subscriptions are paid within club rules and assist in getting donations or sponsorship.

Obligations towards the supporters
A player should:
1. Show due respect to the interests of supporters.

Players Name…………………………………………………….


As maintained in the Annual General Meeting of the Club held on Wednesday 4th June 2014