Wed 18
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Northampton Spencer
Oadby Town (3) A-A (1) Northampton Spencer

Oadby Town (3) A-A (1) Northampton Spencer

By Owen Jones
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Rain falls in the the way of three points for Oadby Town...

Heavy rain halts The Poachers progress against Northampton Spencer as the referee calls the match off after 74 minutes.

What was played of the match saw an improvement on the performance seen against Blackstones last weekend, with Levi Porter back in the side and Julian Joachim making the starting XI.

Oadby were managing to move the ball around nicely, confident in passing the ball out of defence, which gave them the upper hand in the match as the strong cross wind was taking control of any high ball and flinging it towards the touchlines. The opening goal coming from a Jon Stevenson penalty after a fowl on Porter.

The Poachers continued to create more goal scoring opportunities, but Spencer were successfully getting behind the ball and preventing Oadby from executing their efforts. However, Courtney Meade managed to break through to double Oadby's lead.

As the conditions worsened consecutive blunders from Oadby defenders gifted Spencer a goal just before the half-time break.

During the second-half the wind and the rain came down even heavier and was more akin to playing in the tropics (minus the warm weather!), but Oadby managed to maintain the upper hand in the match and win back their two goal lead.

With the pitch deteriorating and the ball losing it's bounce and skidding along the surface the quick first touch of some of the more experienced players, such as Joachim and Jack Lane really paid off as their fast footwork allowed them to over come the wet conditions.

However, after 74 minutes the referee called for a 10 minute halt on the match as the rain got even heavier. After the break despite the fact that the rain eased off to mere spitting it was decided to abandon the game.

Congratulations to the fans who endured those conditions.

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