Club Constitution - Junior Section




The name of The Club shall be ‘OAKHILL TIGERS FOOTBALL CLUB’ and thereafter referred to as ‘OAKHILL TIGERS’.


The aims of The Club shall be:-
To provide an environment where the youth of Southgate and surrounding areas, irrespective of race or religion, can participate safely in football and other recreational activities. To develop youth players to become skilled footballers and to build a culture of discipline and excellence amongst playing members.


Oakhill Tigers Football Club is responsible for setting standards and values to apply throughout the club at every level. Football belongs to and should be enjoyed by everyone, equally. Our commitment is to eliminate discrimination whether by reason of sex, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion or disability.
Equal opportunity at Oakhill Tigers Football Club means that in all our activities we will not discriminate or in any way treat anyone less favourably, on grounds of sex, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion or disability.

This includes:
a) The advertisement for volunteers.
b) The selection of candidates for volunteers.
c) Courses.
d) External coaching and education activities and awards.
e) Football development activities.
f) Selection for teams.
g) Appointments to honorary positions.

Oakhill Tigers Football Club will not tolerate sexual or racially based harassment or other discriminatory behaviour, whether physical or verbal, and will work to ensure that such behaviour is met with appropriate action in whatever context it occurs.
Oakhill Tigers Football Club is committed to the development of the programme of ongoing training and awareness raising events and activities, in order to promote the eradication of discrimination within its own organisation, and within football as a whole.


Membership of the Club shall be open to boys and girls between the ages of 6 – 18 from Southgate and the surrounding areas. An annual fee for Club membership will be payable, as determined by the Management Committee on an annual basis.

The Players will not have a vote but the Parents or Guardians will automatically become associate members of Oakhill Tigers and as such will have the right to vote on behalf of the Players.

Any person who wishes to be a member must apply on the Membership Application Form and deliver it to the club. Election to membership shall be at the sole discretion of the Club Committee. Membership shall become effective upon an applicant’s name being entered in the Membership Register.

In the event of a member’s de-registration or expulsion, his or her name shall be removed from the Membership Register.

The Football Association and parent County Association shall be given access to the Membership Register.

Upon attaining membership status, both Parents and Legal Guardians (being associate members) shall be entitled to vote at the Club AGM or specially convened EGM’s.

All Oakhill Tigers Players must train with, subscribe and maintain payments to ‘Oakhill Tigers FC’ throughout the season. Failure to do so may render that player intelligible to play for ‘Oakhill Tigers Football club’.


The management of Oakhill Tigers shall be in the hands of the Management Committee. The Management Committee shall consist of a minimum of:

1. The Chairperson
2. The Club Manager
3. One Team Manager or Team Coach from each of the Club sides
4. Secretary
5. Treasurer
6. Child Welfare Officer
7. Fund Raising Officer

Each Club Officer and Club Committee Member shall hold office from the date of appointment until the next Annual General Meeting unless otherwise resolved at a Special General Meeting. One person may hold no more than two positions of Club Officer at any time.


Fifty per cent of members of the Management Committee shall be deemed a quorum, with the authority to make any necessary decisions.


The Management Committee shall have the power to enforce the rules of the Club and shall suspend or expel any member or associate member deemed guilty of conduct prejudicial to the good name of Oakhill Tigers. The Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancies arising in its membership between annual general meetings. The Committee shall have the jurisdiction over any matter not provided for in these rules.


The Management Committee will meet quarterly. The Management Committee shall be responsible for the running of the Clubs affairs and will have the power to form sub or special committees as required. Managers or their representatives must attend all committee meetings.


Members and associate members of Oakhill Tigers will be given fourteen days notice of any Annual General or Special General Meetings. Members or associate members wishing to move any resolution at any general meeting must give notice in writing to the Hon. Secretary detailing the resolution seven days before such meeting. A special general meeting may be convened by a member upon written request provided at least ten members are in agreement to such a meeting taking place, and giving at least fourteen days notice.


The AGM shall be held the second week in June each year or as close to that date as possible. Emergency meetings may be arranged, providing seven days notice is given to all members of the Management Committee.


This being a non-profit making club, all funds shall be used towards providing football and recreational activities for members of Oakhill Tigers. Official receipts for all monies received shall be signed by the Hon. Treasurer on behalf of the Club. Cheques shall be signed by the Hon. Treasurer and one other nominee.


Members shall receive at or prior to the Annual General Meeting an audited statement of accounts for the financial year.


The Club’s financial year shall be from the first of June to the thirty-first of May.


A register shall be held containing relevant information on all playing members of Oakhill Tigers.


All correspondence shall be addressed to the Hon. Secretary who shall conduct all correspondence for Oakhill Tigers.


The Committee shall affiliate to the London Football Association and any similar body deemed necessary by the Management Committee. The change from Hertfordshire being due to rule changes regarding venue of home team fixtures.


The Club shall have the power to alter these rules, but only at a General Meeting of the Club after giving fourteen days notice of any intended change. It then requires at least three-quarters of those present and voting, to vote in favour of each change.


The joining fee, shall be agreed by The Management Committee and payable on registration as a football player. The annual Membership Subscription, also to be agreed by The Committee will be payable at the start of the season and renewed thereafter annually. The Committee may from time to time determine the membership fee and subscriptions. All membership monies will be spent on furthering the aims set out in paragraph 2 of the Constitution.

Any member failing in payment of the membership and yearly subscription fees will be deemed to have resigned from the club, however, he shall still be liable for these fees for the ensuing year. The Committee shall have the power when warranted by the circumstances to accept the membership and yearly subscription fee in half-yearly instalments payable initially on application to join the said club. Any member intimating his withdrawal from the club shall do so in writing to the Secretary without refund of the membership fee paid. Should the conduct of any member, in the opinion of not less than two thirds of the Committee, be injurious to the character or welfare of the club, he may be called upon for an explanation and if in the opinion of a majority of the Committee this is deemed unsatisfactory they shall have the power to suspend or expel the member without refund of the membership fee paid.

In the case of hardship the Management Committee will consider subsidising membership fees and subscriptions if finances are available.

Oakhill Tigers Management Committee and the Treasurer are responsible for authorising all club expenditure. The club accounts will be audited annually and will be available for all members, parents and guardians to examine at year-end, if required.


We are always looking for new ways of raising money to fund activities and equipment for the members. If parents or guardians are willing to help out in any way, sell raffle tickets or even organise events, please make yourself known to the Team Manager or a member of the Management Committee. The Management Committee welcomes sponsorship from appropriate organisations or companies. Sponsorship enquiries should be addressed to the Club Secretary.


It is important that Oakhill Tigers attain the highest standards of discipline and sportsmanship both on and off the field, whatever the actions or intentions of their opponents. This should always entail shaking hands with opponents after the game, never abusing players or officials, and never retaliating on the field of play.

When playing in Leagues, players are subject to the rules of that league (The Watford Friendly League) and their County Association, in our case the London Football Association. Whatever age group boys are playing in, they can be sent off of the field for misconduct. Depending on the seriousness of the offence, the players may also receive a fine or suspension. Such fines are payable by the playing member or his family – not the Club. Suspensions may also include school football. The League, the London Football Association and the Management Committee can impose fines. The Club operates a Disciplinary Committee drawn from the Management Committee, which will examine the incident. In certain cases the player may be suspended from playing.

There can be no greater fun than cheering on the team but there are a number of occasions on record where adults, supporting youth footballers, have indulged in abusive and even violent behaviour towards opposing team managers or officials.
This can result in the team or even the whole club being removed from a league.
We respectfully ask all supporters to refrain from abuse on the touchline, particularly the use of foul language and to remember that they risk the enjoyment of many boys by losing control or indulging in bad behaviour.
Should the Club be advised of any incident involving any Parent, guardian, or adult supporter’s misbehaviour, or should The Club become aware of incident the following procedures will be observed. Firstly the Management Committee will within seven days form a subcommittee to investigate the incident and notify parties involved. The Committee shall have the authority to suspend members or in extreme cases cancel membership. Appeals shall be allowed to the full Management Committee.


Running successful youth football entails a partnership between boys, parents or guardians and Team Managers and Coaches and a clear idea of roles. In recognition of this fact we reproduce here a charter for each group:


Membership of the Club automatically infers each party will stand by the Charter.


Players Shall:-

 Listen to and follow the instructions of Team Managers and Coaches at all times
 Adhere to the fact that the Manager’s decision is final
 Always play fair
 Attempt to beat opponents only by skill and endeavour
 Maintain self-control and never retaliate
 Players observe and learn the laws of Association Football
 Obey referees and linesmen with out question
 Give the ball to the opponent promptly for throw-ins, free-kicks etc.
 Not overreact when your team scores
 Accept victory modestly and defeat graciously


Parents and guardians shall:-

 Ensure that Club subscriptions are paid when due
 Ensure that players arrive on time and are collected promptly
 Assist the Team Manager or Coach with kit-washing, transport etc
 Ensure that kit supplied by the club is returned promptly when requested or when a player resigns his membership
 Adhere to the fact that the Manager’s decision is final
 Stand back from the touchlines when cheering the team on
 Never attempt to coach the teams from the touchline
 Be hospitable to opposing teams, their supporters and officials
 Not use any foul or abusive language including racial abuse
 Refrain from consuming alcohol whilst watching games
 Pay any fines imposed on the player promptly


The Team Manager and Coach shall:-

 Each Team Manager/Coach, for each age group, is required to attend a Football Association Coaching course and relevant First-Aid Course at the earliest possible opportunity, and at Oakhill Tigers expense.
 Attend all scheduled Club meetings on the second Monday of each month or whenever necessary to do so or if unable to do so then to provide a report.
 If unable to attend any meetings, to ensure either the Coach or a Parent represents their team and oa list of monthly achievement and subscriptions is forwarded to the Hon. Secretary. (If no representative can be found, the Hon. Secretary must be informed and the above information forwarded to him prior to the appropriate meeting).
 To pay a fine upon demand if not represented, without due notification, at three scheduled meetings.
 To supply kit, footballs, nets and cornerflags for their team.
 Be responsible for the safety and well being of their players at all times.
 Ensure that appropriate first-aid kit is available at all matches and training sessions and replenished whenever necessary.
 Be responsible for any club equipment in their possession.
 Provide the Chairman with a list of the names of all their players at the first monthly meeting of the season and to advise him of any new signings.
 To collect or to ensure subscriptions are collected from every player as required by the constitution. These to be paid to the Treasurer when required to do so.
 Be responsible to the Management Committee for the financial administration of their team and ensure players’ subscriptions are paid.
 Be responsible for the behaviour of their team and supporters.
 Ensure every one associated with the team welcomes the opposing players, supporters and officials.
 To discipline players and parents as necessary at all games.
 Be honest with Parents and Guardians regarding the player’s ability and future with the team.
 Not verbally or physically abuse any player or practice any form of discrimination.
 Not consume alcohol whilst in charge of a team, during training or at a game.
 Not behave in any way on or off the field that brings Oakhill Tigers into disrepute.
 To attend all their League’s meetings.
 To liaise with other clubs and referees regarding all League Matches, Cup Matches or otherwise, within five days of receiving the draw or other notification from the Hon. Secretary.
 To arrange payment of any league or County fines incurred by their Team.


The club will maintain at least one qualified Child Protection Officer on the Management Committee. The Role of the Officer will be to monitor and regulate any issues concern the player’s welfare. The officers will also be responsible for advising on such matters as Football tours and acceptable practices associated with such organised events.


Oakhill Tigers Football Club is committed to a policy of equal treatment of all members and requires all members of whatever level or authority, to abide and adhere to this general principle and the requirements of the Codes of Practice issued by the Equal Opportunities Commission and Commission for Racial Equality.

All members are expected to abide by the requirements of the Race Relations Act 1976, Sex Discrimination Act 1986 and Disability Discrimination Act 1995. Specifically discrimination is prohibited by:

a) Treating any individual on grounds of gender, colour, marital status, race, nationality or ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation or disability less favourably than others.
b) Expecting an individual solely on the grounds stated above to comply with requirement(s) for any reason whatsoever related to their membership, which are different from the requirements for others.
c) Imposing on an individual requirements which are in effect more onerous on that individual than they are on others.
d) Victimisation of an individual.
e) Harassment of an individual, by virtue of discrimination
f) Any other act or omission of an act, which has its effect the disadvantaging of a member against another, or others, purely on the above grounds, Thus, in all the Club’s recruitment, selection, promotion and training processes, as well as disciplinary matters, it is essential that merit, experience, skills and temperament are considered as objectively as possible.

Oakhill Tigers Football Club commits itself to the immediate investigation of any claims of discrimination on the above grounds and where such is found to be the case, a requirement that the practice cease forthwith, restitution of damage or loss (if necessary) and to the investigation of any member accused of discrimination.
Any member found guilty of discrimination will be instructed to desist forthwith. Since discrimination in its many forms is against the Football Club’s policy, any members offending will be dealt with under the disciplinary procedure.
The Club commits itself to the disabled person whenever possible and will treat such members, in aspects of their recruitment and membership, in exactly the same manner as other members. The difficulties of their disablement permitting assistance will be given, wherever possible to ensure that disabled members are helped in gaining access. Appropriate training will be made to such members who request it.

Club Complaints Procedure

In the event that any member feels that he or she has suffered discrimination in any way, that the Club, policies, Rules or Code of Conduct have been broken, should follow the procedures below.
1) They should report the matter to the Club Secretary or another member of the Committee.
Your report should include:
a) Details of what, when and where the occurrence took place.
b) Any witness statement and names.
c) Names of any others who have been treated in a similar way.
d) Details of any former complaints made about the incident, date, when and to whom made.
e) A preference for a solution to the incident.
2) The Club’s Management Committee will sit for any hearings that are requested.
3) The Club’s Management Committee will have the power to:
a) Warn as to future conduct.
b) Suspend from membership
c) Remove from membership
Any person found to have broken the Club’s Policies or Codes of Conduct.

Oakhill Tigers agrees to abide by the FA ‘Respect Code of Conduct’