Ropsley Baboons AGM Thursday12th November 2020

Ropsley Baboons AGM Thursday12th November 2020

By Alan Maddison
10 November 2020
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Minutes of 2019 AGM held at the Green Man on Thursday 7th November Plus any reports etc received for current AGM

1. Chairman's Welcome (Bill Guinness)
The Chairman welcomed everyone and commented on the future of the club in relation to the construction of the new village hall which was in progress and expressed the need to maintain our voice with the Parish Council and Village Hall Committees by attending their meetings. On a reflective note, he commented on the great success of the season which had ended with only the one defeat.
2. Members in Attendance
A.Maddison, R,Husemeyer, D.Gilbert, T.Bullement, M.Tedbury, I.Hyland, A.Cruickshank,T.Helliwell, J.Helliwell, S.Rawnsley, B.Guinness, R.Booth
3. Apologies for Absence
had been received from W.Helliwell
4. Minutes of the previous AGM (1/11/2018) were accepted as a true record with the ammendment recorded that the Junior membership fee was £30 not £35. The Chairman signed the Minute Book accordingly.
5. Reports
Secretary (Alan Maddison) outlined the activities undertaken since the previous AGM, noting the splendid Annual Dinner organised by Ian Hyland, the indoor nets arranged by Mike Tedbury, the enjoyable and informative coaching sessions for both Juniors and Seniors which had led to improved performances on the field. he thanked the Jurors for assisting the Judge so ably in hatching up novel fines to provide a drinks fund.
The Junior u15s side were entering the Newark District League for the first time and changes to the Senior fixture list bringing it in line with the current playing strengths were explained. The resignation of the Groundsman, Jon Chandler, in February and the formation of the Square Boys to work on the preparation and repair of wickets was
commented upon. He thanked the Captain for his valiant efforts on the field in producing 7 victories out of the 8 matches played. The Treasurer was also thanked for his efforts behind the scenes especially in attending the PC and VH meetings. Thanks were expressed to the Development Officer for his efforts in aquiring sponsorship deals to enable the club to purchase covers.

Treasurer (Mike Tedbury) presented the accounts which were accepted. He revealed that the current Bank Balance of £1474.70 and £5 being held in cash was much healthier than the previous year's figure, and that we had purchased covers too with the aid of sponsorship which also generated £341 profit. Up and coming expenditure may include repair work to the nets run up, but this was really the responsibility of the VH as the nets are a communal facility and not part of the Cricket Clubs ownership. A £50 increase in insurance costings would need to be outlayed to include the covers. A possible increase in charges from the VH ( their AGM had been postponed) was envisaged although with the old hall still being in use for the coming season this may not be the case.
An application for a grant from the Pc for pitch maintenance (£350) would be made at the appropriate time, the Development Officer would be supervising this approach.
A 99% payment of subscriptions by BACs had been made last season and it was hoped that this year it would be 100%. Signature alterations with the NatWest Account were ongoing!! Adding the Chairman and Secretary to the list was not straight forward. The account would be recognised as "OASBY CRICKET CLUB trading as ROPSLEY BABOONS CRICKET CLUB."
Andrew Cruickshank (Accountant) had audited the Books and was asked to do the same with the current accounts which he had agreed to do.

Captain ( Tim Bullement) recorded the very successful season of played 8 won 7 and lost 1 in which runs for outt tallied runs against and wickets taken were more than those conceded. He outlined the contenders for batting and bowling awards which would be presented at the Dinner. In the Senior side, he stated, that key performances had come from the Junior members which justified their inclusion and that the club ought to applaud that as it proved the ongoing developmental process was a success.
The Square Boys were thanked for their efforts alongside the Treasurer, Secretary and Junior Co-Ordinator in supporting him in his first year of Leadership. He also thanked Jeanette, Helen, Clare and Charlotte for their involvement in the smooth running of teas.
He wished to continue with the encouragement and inclusion of Ade Grummitt into the fold as his presence would prove a great asset to our playing strength.
Finally he noted that as a club we should be proud of who we are, "Village cricket at its best!" Everyone was thanked for their contribution to this end.

Development Officer (Tim Bullement)said that there had been 2 objectives for 2019, being, the improvement of the playing surface, and the development of the junior Section from the youngest upwards.
hereported that the pitch was on track and that the covers would be of great benefit in furthering this aim. Whilst the transition from Juniors to Seniors works well we still need to bring more u15 players into the main team set up. Below this age group there were considerable concerns with low numbers, particularly in boys, as there was a dominant female demographic in the primary schools, but also a lack of parental help/interest in coaching. But we must try to persevere with these challenges.

Safeguarding and Welfare (Alan Maddison) reported that DBs checking and updating was an ongoing process. Just as a reminder of our stated position on involvement and inclusion of minors into our midst we need to be mindful of the way in which we conduct ourselves in front of all children, parents, wives and visitors, even though at Senior level we are in an adult environment.

Junior Cricket Co-Ordinator (David Gilbert) stated that the u15 side had honoured all the fixtures successfully in their first season at that level in the Newark and District League even though several team members were a a younger age. The games had been close fought affairs enjoyed by all. The team had won 2 which was a great achievement as the majority of the players were underage. Tim bullement and alan Maddison were thanked for their help with this age group.
The club had also been involved in the u11s Newark Softball Tournaments of which there were 4 or 5 meetings. these too were enjoyable affairs for the youngsters and some successes were recorded. Gary Reeves and Andy Johns were to be thanked for their commitment.
Softball, however, needs some though as to its future and ongoing part in the Baboons setup as it is unlikely that Garry Reeves will continue as his daughter is now out of age, but Andy Johns still has 2 boys within the frame so his continued involvement is crucial. Both these coaches will need to be approached with regard to their availability and time.
The comming season will see the u15s again competing in the Newark League.
The Junior Sub-Committee of Messrs Bullement, Maddison and Gilbert will look at the way forward in the Junior Section as this age group is the major contributor to club funds and we do not wish to let the section drift away as it is an important part of our work within the community at large.

Fixture Secretary (Alan Maddison) thanked Justin Helliwell for his many years service to the club in this role and his help in enabling a smooth hand over of responsibilities.
In consultation with senior officers in the club it was decided that we should simplify and balance the fixture list to bring it in line with our current playing strength. with this in mind our committments with opponents was revised to introduce matches with Empingham( themselves undergoing a start again situation) whilst foregoing the much stronger opposition we had encountered and also lengthy travelling venues. The selection chosen would them best fit our current strengths with a total of 10 fixtures with the Upton T20 Tournament being a triangular event. This, however, unfortunately turned out to be a t20 two innings match against an Upton-Wellow combination which proved difficult and embarrasing for the hosts and ourselves by their inclusion of an 8 year old from Wellow.
However outfield successes proved the justification in modifying the fixtures as most games were reasonably close fought affairs. 8, of the fixtures were played and only two fell by the wayside in a season of remarkably good weather, due to lack of available players in the sides visiting during the holiday season. Bearing in mind the lessons learned a similar list of fixtures has been worked on for 2020.

Kit (Ian Hyland) A selection of new balls for matches and nets were all that were required.

Groundsman (David Gilbert) After the loss of Jon Chandler, David Gilbert assisted by Mike Tedbury and Alan Maddison took on the responsibility for the square which had deteriorated over a number of years. The aim was to get an improved playing surface and doing so was informative,entertaining and timeconsuming, but the groun is in good hands and the "Square Boys" were in control. However money is needed to continue with this ongoing work and the covers will be an asset but we will need to manage their usage to this end. WhatsApp will be the method of communication for covers management.
The club will need to be mindful of storage facilities as units will have to be moved/ removed to accommodate the new building, at the moment the roller is entrapped within the new build cage.A container of our own in an area near to the cricket pitch would be ideal, but as the maintenance equipment is owned by the VH?PC they need to consider storage implications.
Hopefully the outfield should improve with the verti-draining programme that has been carried out and the improved quality of mowing during the summer months.

The "Square Boys" were thanked by the club for their hard work and the improvements made and also the recognition of the sponsors was acknowledged.

6. Election of Officers elected en bloc
President vacant
Chairman Bill Guinness
Secretary Alan Maddison
Treasurer Mike Tedbury
Captain Tim Bullement
Vice Captain David Gilbert
Safeguarding/Welfare Alan Maddison
Junior Cricket Co-Ord. David Gilbert
Development Officer Tim Bullement
Fixture Secretary Alan Maddison

7. Co-option of other positions elected en bloc
Kit Ian Hyland
Clothing Richard Booth
Teas Co-Ordinators Alan Maddison and Mike Tedbury
Groundsman David Gilbert assisted by Mike Tedbury/ Alan Maddison
Annual Dinner Ian Hyland assisted by Mike Tedbury/Roy Husemeyer

8. Fees and Subscriptions approved en bloc
Senior Playing Membership £20
Senior Match Tax £5
Senior Indoor Nets £3
Opposition Tea Charge £35 or pro rata
Juniors playing Senior Cricket Match Tax £5
Junior Membership u18s (all Incl) £30
Ground Fees Senior Match £65 to be negotiated
Ground Fees Junior Match £6

9. Christmas Drinks/Annual Dinner
Christmas Drinks at the Green Man, Ropsley Sat. 7th December from 2pm
(Christmas Jumpers to be worn!)
Annual Dinner at the Chequers, Woolsthorpe by Belvoir Sat. 1st February 2020

10. AOB
Richard Booth .... new merchandise available incl bags and jackets
Tim Bullement .... Nepalese Cricketers .. action .. no further involvement
David Gilbert ..... new mower ...... Village Hall (VH) responsibility of, NOT OURS
Mike Tedbury .... Astro Turf in nets .... would investigate problem/solution
Alan Maddison ... New Logo ... new updated logo improved.. Richard Booth would approach clothing suppliers re colours/costings etc
Fixtures ............. include one more to pre-empt bad weather scenario
10/5 Scopwick A
17/5 Motley Crew H
7/6 Tolethorpe Park H
21/6 Upton T20
28/6 Empingham A provisional
5/7 Scopwick H
12/7 New Fixture
26/7 Motley Crew H
2/8 Upton H
9/8 Empingham H provisional
6/9 Tolethorpe Park A

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