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Motley Crew
Ropsley Baboons v Motley Crew

Ropsley Baboons v Motley Crew

By Alan Maddison
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THE MOTLEY CREW SCUPPERED BY THE BLONDE BUCCANEER (alias the Crusader but that's now non pc)

A sunny start to the foreshortened and much awaited Covid disrupted season brought The Motleys to Ropsley. The scene was set and Baboons collectively carried out the pre-match tasks, removing the splendid new covers decorated with sponsors logos, wheeling out the sight -screens, last minute touches to wicket markings and so forth.
A splendid batting track awaited whoever won the toss, would it be head groundsman Courageous, deputising for the holidaymaking Group Captain Eyebrows or would it be whichever of the Patchett fraternity strode forth. Courageous made the right call and put his Baboons in to bat.
The renamed, and ever taller, Blonde Buccaneer opened the innings with Redcar Stu as his new partner. Quickly into his stride the Buccaneer smote Tom Patchett for two 4s as 13 was accrued in the first over. Taking a single to keep possession of the strike another two 4s and a mighty 6 were planted over the boundary off the once teenage hero, Adrian Moles, the Crew's other opening bowler. 27 off 2 overs, what a batting track the Men of Sward had produced. By the fifth over the buccaneer had reached 27 runs whilst his luckless partner was still to contribute. Up went the dismissing digit of Fingers Grummitt, our umpire of Lincolnshire fame and Redcar was departing plum leg before wicket with the total on 39.
next up was Spy Pilot, suitably rested after lockdown, posing in bright but tight shiny new mouse-proofed boots. his contribution was only too short as he was out, caught for 9, hurrying off quickly, tempted by Courageous' Chilli Jam for to sample. In the meantime the Buccaneer had reached 45 and the overs totalled 14 gone.
The multi-talented and lanky Telliwell now joined his brother at the crease, what a dynamic duo, a run rout now looked certain. And so playing a mature and controlled supporting roll Telliwell, presented the onlookers with an impressive selection of shots as his elder bro battered his way towards a ton. The Buccaneer plundered with abandon, whoever came on to bowl was dismissed to the furthest corners of the outfield as his fourteen 4s and eight 6s took him to a mighty 133. One 6 disappeared over the mid-wicket boundary copice still on the up to land in the barley field beyond. Another , hit straight down the ground this time, took one bounce before shooting under the chairman's car as it stood next to the new village hall protective fencing. Look out the windows when there are Helliwells about, one of then is sure to succeed in adding a cricket ball to the teas.
At 188 in the 30th over the Buccaneer was finally caught. A tremendously entertaining innings had come to an end, but with the Motleys suitably plundered and put to the sword by our hero. Telliwell was now in charge, joined by Young Sammy Gee. But this union was broken in the next over, Telliwell stumped as he charged the jovial spin bowler. 191 for 4.
Out to wicket to replace his younger son came Biggles ready to put bat as ever to ball. The new partnership saw out the rest of the Baboons' innings, with a further 35 runs added both scoring a 6 and a 4 . Sammy Gee showing his potential in front of Mum,Dad and sister by hitting a 6 off the final ball over wide long on, just the spot Dad likes to pick! 225 for 4, a fine effort for a first time out this season, with plenty of ball cleaning and hand sanitizing thrown into the mix too, under the supervision of the well renowned Dr Mike.

Tea, bring your own and keep a safe distance, was taken, with a picnic in the park atmosphere.

Motleys to the crease and a very cheery Tom Patchett to face Courageous' opening over from the new Pavilion End. two runs conceded, a good start. Spy Pilot ran down the hill at the Oasby Lane End for the second over. the Opening batsmen showed their intent now, punishing anything in the slightest bit wayward.In the 6th over came the break through with Binns run out by Sammy Gee, yes Sammy Gee, who asked for his name to appear next to his heroics, for 13, 32 for 1.
The next wicket didn't fall until the 19th over as the Motleys took control through the Patchetts, father and son. A dropped catch or two and some hard hitting saw the total reach 110, before Ollie the Spring, having mishandled a straight forward attempt earlier, redeemed himself with a stunning one handed catch. Having run past the ball he slid to his knees, plucking the red hot missile from behind him, what a contortionist! The Buccaneer was the bowler, can't keep him out of the frame! BeeGee had been and gone, 4 overs for 25 runs along with Spy Pilot 5 overs for 37, and Courageous in his first spell, all without making a break through.
Now came the wicket takers, Sammy Gee bowling chinners and scudders claimed the 3rd wicket bowled with the total at 124 (22nd over), a wicket maiden, ending his spell with 4 overs , 22 runs conceded and the one wicket taken . Tom Patchett , next victim, bamboozled by the Spin Doctor, under explicit instructions from the skipper, caught by BeeGee at point for 77. 130 for 4. Continuing to cause havoc, the intrepid ex medical man took the next wicket as well. Varied flight and cunning saw the Buccaneer prowling at deep mid wicket to pounce upon a smash into the outer regions to take a confident catch giving the Spin Doctor figures of 4 overs for 25 runs and 2 well deserved wickets. 139 for 5. The Buccaneer went on to further hero worship with another 2 wickets, three in all, 7 overs for 22 with an interesting dispersal of line to the consternation of Telliwell behind the stumps. 171 for 6 in the 30th over, 172 for 7 in the 31st, 184 for 8 in the 33rd told the tale, or nearly all of it. Sammy Gee appeared again for another run out at this point, and a self satisfied grin to boot, as he swooped like an eagle and sent the ball towards bails and gloves. The final wicket fell in the final over to Biggles in his spell of 4 overs, 13 runs and 1 wicket , 198 for 9 was the Motleys score from their 35 overs.
A great win for Baboons played in good spirits , we won't mention the non stumping though it looked clear enough to most.
423 runs scored in 70 overs what a batting track!!
The evening concluded with awards and fines down at sponsor Phil and Leanne's pub, The Green Man.
Villain of the Day : The Spin Doctor
Crime: Walking in front of the sight-screen behind the bowlers arm and returning in the same manner when he realised his error

Next Game v Upton (Home) Sunday 2nd August 1.30pm start meet 12.30 for pre match duties

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