Sun 24
Motley Crew


By Mike Tedbury
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with no due reward

Apparently, officially, it's a heatwave when the temperature is over 26. Probably for several days. Well, it was over 26 and Baboons fieded for several days. All because Capt Will lost the toss and Motley's chose to bat. It could be said that Capt Tim would not have lost the toss but he was away partying with his party wife in Nottingham. So Hulme and Gilbert, S bowled with enthusiasm, vim and vigour. But no luck. Th aerial shots landed nowhere near a fielder. The taps for 1 went for 4. Fielders stooped to collect the ball and missed. Others did not stoop but the ball missed the shin, or deflected over the boundary. Hedges were explored at length. Hyland appeared shot by a sniper diving over the ball. Criukshank flew majestically through the air but nowhere near the ball. There was increasing amounts of gloom. O Blake changed that. Bowling with even more fire and vigour, bouncing the ball off the centre of the pitch, batsmen cowered, until eventually he got his reward - a bowled followed by a caught behind followed by hat-trick ball but no more reward. Meanwhile D Gilbert, bowling into a fierce cross breeze confused the Tom Patchett and got a stumping. Then the Captaincy posse cooked up an idea - bowl Tedbury, buy a wicket. It did work, Capt Will holding on to a catch from a low full toss at long off but at the heavy price of 36 runs from 3 overs. Capt Will himself was a little more economical but wicketless as was Al the off spinner. At the close of the Motley's innings many runs had been scored....something over 200 - and everyone was weary.

Cakes were consumed, tea not drunk (the tea urn failed to turn itself on) and rain at Headingly discussed.

The Baboons innings started well - 2 crisp 4s from Will and some singles from Dicky. But the pitch was treacherous. The pacey bowling of Will Patchett shooting through Will Helliwell's defence, soon followed by Dicky's. Some good defiance was displayed by Gilbert the younger and Mr Hulme just not enough for long enough. No one threw their wicket away, everyone seemed to think "I can do this" but actually, they didn't. A consolation thought - Baboons were not bowled out - the defiant no. 11 failing to get out in the last 2 balls. It does have to be said the 7 of the final overs were bowled by the slightly comedic W Day. Some very loopy, some too high and some bouncing too many times - all added to the considerable extras score - perhaps wides, perhaps no balls - about 120 more of them were needed to affect the result. Will Patchett's figures of 6-2-4-2 were just too much to overcome.

So beer and reflection for most at the excellent Green Man and on to another day.

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