Player Spotlight: Alistair Webley!

Player Spotlight: Alistair Webley!

By paul makinen
30th January 2013
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The lastest player to go under the spotlight is everyone's favourite Doctor, newbie West Country boy Ali Webley...

Alistair Webley

Which position(s) do you play?
2nd Row/Nurse

Which team do you play for?

How old were you when you started playing?
9 or 10, it was a long time so it's difficult to remember

What do you like to do outside of rugby?
Mainly putting bits of electrical tape on people's faces

What's your favourite drink?
The yard we gave to Bannell that took him more than 10 minutes

What's your favourite food?
My 2am pizza from the pizza place round the corner from my house, I don't know what it's called or what I have, all I remember is its the best food I have ever eaten

Favourite moment in your rugby career to date?
I threw oranges at Martin Johnson and Austin Healy when I was at a rodeo

Who is the longest in the shower?
Pauly Mak spends a lot of time gazing longingly at the bigger members of the team and he always seems to drop his shower gel as well, but then he does drop the ball a lot on the wing too, maybe he is just clumsy?

Who is the most skilful?
Aussie Mike, I have never seen a second row with passing skills like that before

Who is the hardest trainer?
Cheese - and I haven't once heard him moan about training

Who is the worst dressed?
We're a rugby team, it's jeans shirt and a tie, how badly can you get that wrong? [Ed - ask Bannell?!]

Who is the best boozer?
I don't remember any night I have drunk with Larry so probably him

Who is the biggest moaner?

Who is the hardest person?
Bannell puts in some crazy tackles but then the first match I played with him he cried so I'm not sure hard is exactly the right word for him

Who is the biggest joker?
Catman - what he does behind the till in My local supermarket is hilarious

Who is the most brainy?
Definitely not Catman as he told the manager said supermarket what he does behind the till by mistake

Who is the best tackler?
Bannell for leading with his head, Ben Rogerson if you are actually looking for technique

Who is the best tourist?
Not been on tour but been on the funbus and for knocking the window out of a bus without the bus driver noticing I will give this award to Larry

Who is the best player you have ever played with?
If throwing oranges counts as playing - Johnno, if not then Simon Shaw, if we aren't counting England internationals, I quite enjoy playing with myself

Who is the hardest to tackle?
Rob sidestep or Pies' mass, take your pick

Who is the most committed to the club?
Banners bought his coat because it was Bedians blue - that's commitment

Old Bedians RUFC, Millgate Lane, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 5QX

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