Player Spotlight: Steve Bannell!

Player Spotlight: Steve Bannell!

By paul makinen
7th November 2012
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In the second of our fun new series, we get to know 1st XV skipper Steve Bannell...

Which position(s) do you play?
Which team do you play for?
1sts - being captain I get to select myself thankfully
How old were you when you started playing?
What do you like to do outside of rugby?
Drinking, watching Chels [Ed: this is Bannell-speak for Chelsea FC, not Made in Chelsea], watching rugby. All the usual stuff like going to the cinema, seeing live bands etc. Oh, I should probably say spending time with the missus as well.
What's your favourite drink?
To Chop - Guinness. To enjoy - A bottle of red.
What's your favourite food?
Difficult - Sunday roast is probably top, but I love a good curry too. I love those millionaire shortbread things though too - I could eat those all day
Favourite moment in your rugby career to date?
Playing wise I'm not sure - there haven't been many highlights. Being elected Captain of Old Bedians was a proud moment, as was winnnig the Mancheser Uni campus league with Law Rugby. Martin Offiah once said I had a big tackle too…off the field, attending the world cup final in 2003 and seeing Martin Johnson lift the Web Ellis.
Who is the longest in the shower?
Haha as a squad everyone takes forever but Leo Carroll takes the longest. Phil Parker is naturally the longest.
Who is the most skilful?
Swifty loves his tricks and flicks and Rob Oliver loves his side step. I would say Swifty.
Who is the hardest trainer?
Got to be Ben Rogerson.
Who is the worst dressed?
Ha, probably me!
Who is the best boozer?
So many to choose from. Coupe is the biggest, but the best has to be Cheese for the states he gets himself into!
Who is the biggest moaner?
Who is the hardest person?
Spud the little Irish nutter.
Who is the biggest joker?
Well Jack O'Shea was responsible for the gay magazine practical joke played on me, but when Swede and Mark Howard are together they don't stop mucking around.
Who is the most brainy?
Bedes aren't renowned for their brains…Martin Coupe probably comes out on top, Cheese a close second - certainly got trivial pursuit knowledge!
Who is the best tackler?
I want to say me here but I know I will get stick so I will say Chrissy Hetherington.
Who is the best tourist?
The last tour was classic, Swede died, Average Steve Puked on Mully's head…but the best of the bunch was Tayso. 1 man v 4 Scots. The 1 man won.
Who is the best player you have ever played with?
There were some very good lads when I was at Rosslyn Park, but at Bedes it has to be The Future - Mr Pat Doherty. Admittedly I have never actually played with him, but he has told me he is the greatest ever living player and who am I to disagree with that?! [Ed: this was not our esteemed skipper's original answer, but seeing as nobody had ever heard of Bannell's schoolmate, we let him try a funnier Bedians answer]
Who is the hardest to tackle?
Rob Oliver - he is always jinking away.
Who is the most committed to the club?
All of the committee. We have a really good set up here at Bedes and the lads on the committee all put a lot of work into the club away from match days that might go unnoticed by the regular lads. They do a top job and deserve recognition for it.

Old Bedians RUFC, Millgate Lane, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 5QX

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