Player Spotlight: Tom Kitching

Player Spotlight: Tom Kitching

By paul makinen
17th July 2017
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With the season fast approaching, we're reviving the player spotlight - first up is A&E loving former 1st XV captain, Tom Kitching!

Tommy K

Which position(s) do you play?
Water boy (flanker)

Which team do you play for?
1st XV (once upon a time)

How old were you when you started playing?
12 (23 for Bedes)

What do you like to do outside of rugby?
Pay visits to the dedicated staff working the late night Saturday shifts in hospitals; remind people that I'm from Hull and how well I've done "considering"; admire Rob Blewitt/James Gibbs from afar; ask waitresses to sit down and join me for dinner when working away from home.

What's your favourite drink?
Kona Big Wave Golden Ale - summer in a bottle

What's your favourite food?
Sunday Roast - roast beef, big Yorkshire pud and lots of gravy

Favourite moment in your rugby career to date?
Coming back to rugby after 5 years out

Who is the longest in the shower?
Probably Ben Owen - reducing his gas bills the tax dodging student bastard

Who is the most skilful?
There's been a lot of skillful players that I've played with, but most recently I'd say: Blewitt finds holes some of us could only dream of ("Oooh matron!"); Ali Webley is Mr. Reliable both in attack and defence

Who is the hardest trainer?
Rakowski and Cheese love a good training session. But if it's a rubbish training session, Cheese will be sure to let you know.

Who is the worst dressed?
Catman - too much arse on show in his tight shorts

Who is the best boozer?
Normally I'd have chosen Cheese, but "best" implies being able to keep your drink down, so it's got to be the newly refurbished Parrswood Hotel's resident Tim Hughes.

Who is the biggest moaner?
Catty Patty. No explanation needed.

Who is the hardest person?
After persistent attempts to injure him in his final season so he'd prematurely hand over captaincy, I finally got Aussie in the last game. Never seen anybody take the knocks he does and still get up and keep fighting.

Who is the biggest joker?
James Gaffney the jester - he just doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut at court. Also, based on the number of Snapchats he sends, I can only presume that he doesn't actually work...

Who is the most brainy?
Lloyd Cawthorne talks a good talk both in physics and politically, but his drink mixing abilities leaves something to be desired (that desire has never been for dog food).

Who is the best tackler?
French Arthur lives for the one on ones, but Ginner Dave feeds on a good dump tackle

Who is the best tourist?
He won tourist of the year for a reason, Tim Hughes still downing cans on the bus back is made of stronger stuff than us.

Who is the best player you have ever played with?
Ignoring a couple of the inbreds at school, I'd say Blewitt, Loz and Marcus are genuine game changers. But I think there others who could play at a high level.

Who is the hardest to tackle?
One on one tackling practise against Pies, made me look like a rugby novice (no comments). You better hope he doesn't get any space to gallop if you're playing against him.

Who is the most committed to the club?
Sir Stephen Cookie - if you've not read his post from last year, it's well worth a read. You think you ache after rugby, speak to him. An inspiration to all!

Old Bedians RUFC, Millgate Lane, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 5QX

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