*Special Edition* Chairman Spotlight!

*Special Edition* Chairman Spotlight!

By paul makinen
10th June 2013
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It's been a while... So here's a very special edition of Player Spotlight, featuring everyone's favourite whole club Chairman Chrissy Hetherington!

Chris Hetherington

Which position(s) do you play?
Flanker however I have been known to do a job in many positions [Ed: such as loitering just outside the winger]

Which team do you play for?
Which ever one needs me

How old were you when you started playing?

What do you like to do outside of rugby?
Many things but I don't seem to have the time anymore.......never become Chairman of anything

What's your favourite drink?

What's your favourite food?
Lamb shank, actually meat in general. How people are veggies I will never know!

Favourite moment in your rugby career to date?
Scoring a hat trick against the gentlemen of moore from the unusual position of 2nd centre is up there as well as being part of a team to beat Dungannon back in my Omagh days (both school & Accies)

Who is/was the longest in the shower?
God were to start... Pete Kerr, he's the only one that brings a nail brush! Then Phil Parker by a country mile.

Who is the most skilful?
Aussie Mike

Who is the hardest trainer?

Who is the worst dressed?
I am sure I could be high on this list however Average Steve is the out and out winner

Who is the best boozer?
Larry - I would not like to guess his contribution to a Bedians night out!

Who is the biggest moaner?
I am going to have to go with the majority and say me... My better half, my family, mates back in NI, work colleagues and the rugby boys all say the same so I can't deny it anymore

Who is the hardest person?
Probably Ginner Dave

Who is the biggest joker?
Can I say the double act of Aussie and Martin... It's like the modern day Laurel & Hardy

Who is the most brainy?
Martin Coupe - I have listened to him go on for the best part of a decade and he still surprises me with the rubbish he comes out with

Who is the best tackler?
I would have to say Ginner Dave, I have watched him put in some superb hits

Who is the best tourist?
I have only been on one tour so its hard to say but Aussie Mike gets the nod for two reasons; being stuck up a tree necking pints dressed as a Native American and the other being when I woke up in his room and answered the knocking at the door to find Aussie on the other side wearing my clothes which he had went out in the previous night and I had failed to notice.

Who is the best player you have ever played with?

Who is the hardest to tackle?
Pies, he's a big unit and surprisingly quick.

Who is the most committed to the club?
Well I have to say someone other than me don't I?! It would have to be Barrie, the old fox knows a lot and is always offering to give a hand.

Don't Go Just Yet!
Now you've got to know him, make an Irishman very happy and sign up for the working party he's running on Saturday 15 June - http://j.mp/OBrugbyforce

You can get more info about the day at http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/oldbedians/news/natwest-rugbyforce--your-club-945144.html

Old Bedians RUFC, Millgate Lane, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 5QX

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