The Club Grand Draw

The Grand Draw has been running for many years now and is a major source of funding for the club.
The concept is simple. For a monthly subscription of £5 members are allotted a number that is placed in the draw.
Cash prizes are drawn as follows:-
Monthly £100
and in addition
June £250
December £1000
So every month there is the opportunity to cover the annual cost, and buy a few beers, plus the chance at the larger prizes. There are virtually no expenses to running the draw, so everything over the prize money is available to the running of the club.

Here are the odds:.
Odds on the Lottery are 1,031,397 to 1
Odds for up to £100 winnings on Premium Bonds are 24,000 to 1
Odds on Old Caterhamian's Grand Draw at present are:-
          Monthly 68 to 1 to win £100 for a £60 annual investment
          Plus a 68 to 1 to win £250.00 every June, and
          Plus a 68 to 1 to win the Christmas draw to win £1000.00

There are currently 68 members, as that number grows so will the total amount of the prize money.
Draws will be held in the clubhouse and will be confirmed by email on a regular basis.

For further details please contact Kevin Eldershaw on
or 01883 344362


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