Club Honours

Club Honours to date;

Combination Senior Cup;

1)2011/12 against Matson
2)2014/15 against Chosen Hill
3)2016/17 against Coney Hill
4)2017/18 against Coney Hill
5)2018/19 against Matson

Runners up.
1)1975/76 to Gordon League
2)2002/03 to Coney Hill
3)2010/11 to Coney Hill
4)2012/13 to Coney Hill

Combination Junior Cup;

1)1964/65 against Longlevens
2)1981/82 against Old Richians
3)2000/01 against Matson
4)2012/13 against Coney Hill
5)2016/17 against Matson
6)2018/19 against Matson

Runners up.
1)1980/81 against Matson
2)1982/83 against Gordon League
3)1999/2000 against Coney Hill

Glanville cup;

1)2012/13 against Coney Hill
2)2018/19 against Matson
3)2021/22 against Matson

Runners up.
1)Date to be confirmed(to Coney Hill)
2)Date to be confirmed(to Matson)
3)2011/12 to Coney Hill

League honours.

First Team;

1997/1998 Gloucester Two league Winners
1998/1999 Gloucester One league Winners
1999/2000 Gloucester/Somerset Winners
2000/01 Gloucester Premier Runners up
(Promoted after play off match at Gordano RFC)
2011/12 Western Counties (North) Runners up
(Promoted after play off match with Torquay)
2012/13 South west One(east) runners up
(Promoted to National Three South after play
off match with Camborne RFC)
2019/20 South west One(east)Winners
Second team;
2011/12 Glos Two North Reserve team league Winners
2012/13 Glos One North Reserve team league Runners up(promoted)
2019/20 Glos Premier league winners

National cup honours.
Semi-final Pilkington Shield 1995/96
(lost to Newcastle Medicals)