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Please see below the guide to the Youth Sections Disciplinary Policy

The Youth Section Discipline Officer is Mathew Watkins
Mobile - 07779 999 639
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OEs Youth Rugby – Disciplinary Set Up 2018-19

Discipline is one of the core values of the rugby (Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyments, Discipline & Sportsmanship) and The RFU has responsibility for the management of all disciplinary issues.

OE’s Youth Rugby disciplinary set up is based on RFU's best practice, as shown on this link - RFU - Age Grade Rugby Guidance

Discipline Officer (DO)

To help ensure we deliver this effectively, the Youth Section has a DO who is tasked with handling disciplinary matters for rugby & membership related issues

Rugby related issues;
The DO is tasked with sharing latest best practice with the Age Groups and handling any issues that arise.

Age Group Head Coaches are expected to be fully up to speed with the RFU Age Grade Rugby Guidance and inform the DO of any issues that arise

Club related issues;
Youth Rugby is run in accordance with the sections Constitution, which can be found on this link - Youth Rugby Constitution

The key reference is on 28.5 that discusses members behaviour
28.5 Where the Directors reasonably believe that any Member has breached any of the provisions of these Articles or any other rules or bye-laws of the Company or which the Company is subject to, or has conducted themselves in such manner as is deemed by the Directors to be prejudicial to the interests of the Company in any manner whatsoever then the Directors shall have the power to give written notice to that member in order to:- 28.5.1 suspend that Member on such terms and for such period of time as the Directors shall in their absolute discretion determine; or 28.5.2 terminate their membership.

The DO job description is on this link RFU - Disciplinary Officer Job Description

All on or off field disciplinary incidents alleged to have been committed by members or players of the youth section (U18 teams and below) are under the remit of the Youth Rugby. These will be handled in the first instance by the section DO, who reports into the Head of Youth Rugby

Members Behaviour

OE's Youth Rugby is a members club , affiliated to England Rugby, and as such expects all its members to behave in line with the Core Values of Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship

All on or off field disciplinary incidents alleged to have been committed by members or players of the youth section (U18 teams and below) are under the remit of the Youth Rugby. These will be handled in the first instance by the section Disciplinary Officer who reports into the Head of Youth Rugby

The clubs articles of association outline how the club is run and in the event of an adult member falling short of those standards, the Youth Committee sanctions available include, but are not limited to;

  • Conversation with member to discuss the issue & agreement to change behaviour
  • Exclusion from pitch side during matches / training
  • Exclusion from grounds during matches / training
  • Suspension from club
  • Expulsion from club

Flagging Issues
The DO must be informed within 24 hours of any incident that requires disciplinary procedures, even if the matter is going to handled internally by the age group. This is especially important in the case of red cards, incidents of potential 5.12 (bringing the game into disrepute) and removals from the field of play without a red card for incidents that may have constituted a red card offence

RFU guidelines for handling disciplinaries by age are below - In any circumstance the DO must be informed first

The RFU believes that for disciplinary matters for U12s or below the player’s coach/manager is in the best position to understand the circumstances and deal with the matter providing the most effective child-centric solution.

U13 TO U18 At Club U13 – U18
Most disciplinary issues should be dealt with by the Club’s Disciplinary Officer or Panel, consisting of up to three members experienced at dealing with young people.

On receipt of the match official’s report the Club must report the matter to the CBYDS within 48 hours.

Section Training
The DO will attend the monthly coaches meeting & update all on current best practice and ensure guidelines are being met. This will also be reinforced by regular notes on the weekly communication email sent to Coaches & Volunteers to flag relevant issues

The Kent Youth Disciplinary Secretary will be invited annually, to attend one of the coaches meeting to discuss issues & ensure best practice is being followed

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