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8. 2014-15 Season

Vice President's - minimum contribution £25.

Player Sponsor Packages - Gold £160, Silver £80 & Bronze £50 - Please see document below for full details, will be listed here on the website and will also be included in every 1st XV Match Day Programme.

Paid up Club Members, VP's and Player Sponsors for the 2014-15 season will all receive a Members Discount Card that gives a variety of benefits, from a 10% discount at Bathwick Tyres to discounted bar prices at Shaft Road. 

VP's & Player Sponsors will also be listed in all 1st XV Match Day Programmes, on this Website and will also be entered into free draws for International tickets, along with being invited to our annual Presidents Day lunch before a selected home league match.

Players & Their Sponsors:

Dave McHugh (Pat & Donna Bunton)
Greg Atkinson (Julie Byrne of Taylor Davis Ltd http://www.taylor-davis.co.uk/home)
Arron Collins-Thomas (Jan Atkinson of Atkinson Equipment Ltd http://www.atkinsonequipment.com/)
Kallan Martin (Erwin Davis)

Joe Russell (Lee Jasper St Austell Brewery http://www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/)
Pat Zindi (Lee Jasper St Austell Brewery http://www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/)

Rhys Redman (VU Limited MD Victor Ubogu https://vultd.co.uk/home)
Toby Fields (L&C Mortgages http://www.lcplc.co.uk/)
Will Jervis (L&C Mortgages http://www.lcplc.co.uk/)
Ollie Hyne (L&C Mortgages http://www.lcplc.co.uk/)
Tom Drew (L&C Mortgages http://www.lcplc.co.uk/)
Harry Godwin (L&C Mortgages http://www.lcplc.co.uk/)
Paul Tyrrell (Andy Boyce GreenSward Sports Consultancy Ltd http://www.greenswardsports.co.uk/)
Rich Stainer (Julian & Sandra Stainer)
Nathan King (Julian & Sandra Stainer)

Vice Presidents:
Chris Shaw
Paul Bazell Snr
Dean Morris
Donna Bunton
Chris Liberty
Tony Chapman
Angela Chapman
Gary Lynch
Pat Bunton (Personal & L&C Mortgages http://www.lcplc.co.uk/)
Erwin Davis (Personal & Bath & West Delelopments LLP & Winway Home Developments Ltd)
Mike Harle (Personal & Bath & West Developments LLP)
Wayne Clifford (Bathwick Tyres http://www.bathwicktyres.co.uk/index.php)
Jerry Brown
Lloyd Madden
Kevin Purvey (The Coventry Building Society http://www.coventrybuildingsociety.co.uk/)
Charles Burgess (Total Building Control http://total-buildingcontrol.co.uk/practice-statement/362379)
David Ghent (Minuteman Press http://www.45walcot.minutemanpress.co.uk/)
Dave Gould (Personal & DG Windows http://www.dgwindows.co.uk/)
Rob Moore (JMS Rugby (http://www.jmsrugby.co.uk/)
Alan Combes
Brendan Perry (Burningham & Brown Solicitors http://www.burninghambrown.com/)
David Gay (Burningham & Brown Solicitors http://www.burninghambrown.com/)
Rob (Jocky) Riccio (Wellsway Contract Flooring LTD wellswaycontractflooring@hotmail.com )
Andy Crowley (Wellsway Contract Flooring LTD wellswaycontractflooring@hotmail.com )
Brad Abrahams (Brad Abrahams Optometry http://bradabrahams.uk.com/)
Alan Spiller (Arleen Coach Hire http://www.arleen.co.uk/)
Victor Ubogu (VU Limited https://vultd.co.uk/home)
Martin Tracy (The Framing Workshop http://www.theframingworkshop.com/)
Chalkie White
Gordon Humphries
Jase Humphries
John Ricketts
Lee Morris
John Lintern
Phil Chant
Mark Butt
John Longstaff
Bob Carlton-Porter
Rodney Brint
Ian Simpson
Tiny Hole-Jones
Ty Shaw
Chris Perry
Harry Appleby
John Blaxter
Guy Everitt
Dave Vowles
John Moxon
Kevin Ford
Julie Byrne (Taylor David Ltd http://www.taylor-davis.co.uk/home)
Jan Atkinson (Atkinson Equipment Ltd http://www.atkinsonequipment.com/)
Andy Boyce (GreenSward Sports Consultancy Ltd http://www.greenswardsports.co.uk/)
Julian Stainer
Sandra Stainer
Lee Jasper (St Austell Brewery http://www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/)
Mark Lewis (Avonvalley Cleaning (http://www.avonvalleycleaning.co.uk/)
Mark Gillow (Avonvalley Cleaning http://www.avonvalleycleaning.co.uk/)
Martyn (Nelly) Gould

1st XV Match Day Sponsors:

September 2014
06/09/2014 Oldfield vs Weston-s-Mare 2nd XV (Sponsored: Erwin Davis, Bath & West Developments LLP)

13/09/2014 Oldfield vs Yatton (Sponsored: Pat & Donna Bunton)

27/09/2014 Oldfield vs Tor (Sponsored: L&C Mortgages http://www.lcplc.co.uk/)

October 2014
11/10/2014 Oldfield vs Winscombe (Sponsored: Erwin Davis, Winway Home Developments LTD)

25/10/2014 Oldfield vs Wiveliscombe

November 2014
15/11/2014 Oldfield vs Taunton 2nd XV (Sponsored: Bob Carlton-Porter)

December 2014
06/12/2014 Oldfield vs Old Redcliffians 2nd XV (Sponsored: John Moxon)

January 2015
03/01/2015 Oldfield vs Imperial

17/01/2015 Oldfield vs St Bernadettes Old Boys (Sponsored: Tony & Angela Chapman)

February 2015
07/02/2015 Oldfield vs Clevedon 2nd XV (Sponsored: Oldfield RFC Youth)

28/02/2015 Oldfield vs Gordano

March 2015
21/03/2015 Oldfield vs Minehead Barbarians (Sponsored: Chris Liberty)
(Mark Butts Presidents Day)

April 2015
11/04/2015 Oldfield vs Nailsea & Backwell (Sponsored: Gary Lynch)