Spirit of Old Leams 1 of 4

1. Fun

Old Leamingtonians is a big club - the total membership and parent participation is approximately 1250 this year. The Club is run entirely by volunteers, apart from groundskeepers. This engagement and commitment makes for an enthusiastic and very sociable environment.

There's as much to be gained by youngsters and seasoned players from being part of a positively-charged social atmosphere as there is from what happens during the match. This is where Old Leamingtonians offers the best environment to youngsters entering the sport and picking up the values of being a team member, as well as first-rate coaching to RFU Standards.

Friendly Atmosphere

The Club has an enviable reputation for being friendly, open and - quite naturally - keen on its rugby! Every weekend, its 8 full-sized pitches are used for matches or training by 450 players of all ages.

Younger players are supported by a cadre of dads and mums, both from the touch-lines as well as helping with coaching, bar, kitchen and administration of the Club.