OLs 3s rooooad trip North to Macclesfield Vets.

OLs 3s rooooad trip North to Macclesfield Vets.

By Gemma Lewis
19 March 2015
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The Macc Vets were true Vets, but with some very young looking subs.

The (Expendab)OLs 3s rooooad trip North to Macclesfield Vets. A return after they had come down to enjoy OLs hospitality last spring. 28 took a coach, with the club kindly subsidising the costs. Only a tenner for the trip up, and with no match fees, effectively a fiver.
Woody could not make it. He was at Millenium enjoying a huge defensive display wreck Ireland's Grand Slam. Nor could phsio Alison & Chalky - at Twickers for England beating the Jocks, but not hat convincingly. Having followed the 3s home & away all season, a couple of GFs were also along for the trip.
8.30 meet - Craig Ellis (stepping up to the 3s as prop in waiting), Bodders (still p***ed from the night before), Mark Edwards, Craig & Laura, Charlie, Brooker, Sam, Ollie, Trev & Kelly, Bevo (injured), Jamie & Phil & Ben (3 generations of Browns), Deano, Shane, Cawail (barman), Rod (chef), Joe Talamani, Simon Finn, Neil Potter, Luke Guest, Lester, Tim B (injured & tour photographer), Andy B, Moley, Damian Dixon. Rod & Wongy treated everyone to a breki of pulled pork and sausage meat in pastry, washed down with Amaretto Sours (pretty much an alcoholic liquid Haribo TangTastic), Bodders smashing back a bottle of port.
Great of the driver to get spirits going by crunching in 2nd gear the whole journey, and finding most of the B roads close to Macclesfield. Arriving at 11.30, the kitty started at the bar, with Bevo & Neil doing the beer duties. The Macc Lads - Macclesfield 1s are bottom of National One with a player budget of 75k. The league leaders Ealing Trailfinders, bankrolled by ... err ... Trailfinders to the tune of 850k. Really is a different world. But today they were welcoming the might of the (Expendab)OLs, the only home game. Great clubhouse, overlooking what in comparison to OLs, was a shoddy main pitch (nod to Roy & groundstaff).
As promised to Macclesfield, OLs 3s went with a very Vets team. Starting line up - Andy, Moley, Mark, Charlie, Brooker, Phil, Ollie, Sam, Lester (57, still going strong), Trev, Jamie, Deano, Cawail, Rod, Ben (ok, only 17, but not often you get 3 generations on one pitch). Subs - Shane, Bodders (sinking a coffee, defying medical science to get his kit on), Craig, Craig, Luke.
Joe having a driving test this Friday, and breaking his leg before the last test, told he was not needed.
The Macc Vets were true Vets, but with some very young looking subs. Within 2 minutes Brooker found himself handbags with their No9, who offered to twat Brooker ... well join the queue ...
In truth, coach legs, meatfeast breki, Sours, Port, beers ... meant a bit abit of an error strewn first half. Missed tackles, slow to the ruck ... Macc Vets scored first 5-0. Then with OLs getting some decent possession. Trev slotted over a pen. 5-3 at half time.
Good Ollie team talk at half time. Phil, Andy, Mark, Charlie off, Jamie off injured. New front row Craig, Bodders, Shane, Craig in at 2nd row, Luke & Moley to centre, Deano to the back row. Rucks tightened up straightaway. Still some shocking tackling, to allow Macc Vets to go 10-3., having bought on some of their not so old Vets.
Craig & Shane & Bodders adding some oomph to the scrum, OLs started to dominate the forwards game. Lucky they did, cos with Luke inside centre, the pass was never gonna come out. 2 pens from Trev pulled OLs to 10-9 down. Ref blew up as Shane side stepped around (yep - not a typo, but later adjudged tripping a bit sideways) a defender with the try line beckoning. OLs pack pressure saw Craig take the ball 15 out, on a line, crashed through a couple of Macc Vets, to score under the post. 16-10. The Macc Lads fought back.with another try. 16-15, with the conversion attempt just falling short. OLs held out the last 10 minutes. Final score 16-15 ...
Win 13. A top game, with a top bunch of Macc Lads.
Man of the Match - easy. Cos he kept us in the game, with terrific kicking, and kicked the winning conversion, playing out of position at 10 - Trev ...

Onto the bar ... an orange golf ball provided the post match sports, along with left/right drinking ...
You can take the p*** out of bottled fruit ciders, but everyone is drinking them after 6 lagers. They ran out of the stuff. You would have to be Tiger Woods crossed with Dinamo to get a golf ball into a Koppaberg bottle. Cracking game Wales v Ireland. Unbelievable D. Nice one Woody. Strange how with a few beers and a great Welsh win, that boyos Ollie & Moley gain a Welsh twang in their voice ...
And with a few beers, Brooker is well ... more Brooker like ...
Macclesfield did us proud with pie, mushy peas, chips.
England v Scotland ... sort of faded into the background to the rounds of golf ... and post match legend ... Andy Bull ... Golf balled. Pint. Wrong hand. Pint. Wrong hand again. Pint. Golf balled again. Pint. Just for fun. Pint. Count em - 5 pints in 10 minutes. Bodders, he makes you look like a village amateur. Begs the question - how is Andy B a lawyer. Turns out he eats wedding cake faster than he downs pints ... don't ask ...
Diva of The Day - for not getting off the coach before puking - Moley.
Back at OLs by 9.30, driver dropped off in town for more drinking. Great day out with top oppos. Ta to Kel & Laura for their company. Will look for a home & away next season to coincide with Autums Internationals & Six Nations.

All 3s -
21st March - should have been Balsall & Berkswell 2s, but currently a free weekend. Fixture Sec Liddo looking for us.
28th March - whole club vs Leamington. Be available for that day in effort to get 2s & 3s out.
4th April - Easter, no game.
11th April - Claverdon 2s away
18th April - last game of season. Brackley Vets having an away day to us.
25th April - club dinner. Get there. 3s are Team of the Season.

26-29th Feb 2016 - following the craic that was Macclesfield, looking at 3 day Minehead Butlins 80s weekend for the 3s. Game vs Minehead 3s. Six Nations weekend. Charlie's 50th. Phil Brown's 60th. Early stag for Trev. Will cost approx 100. Gives plenty of time to sort days off, family, cash ...

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