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2. New Junior Members


If you wish to join, why not drop our Chairman an email, or call him on 07900 884100 – or simply turn up at one of our training sessions (check the OSHC Calendar to ensure we do not have matches on as this MAY affect if training is on - though we do try and run training even if there are matches)

We are a Club Mark Accredited club and as such are recognised as having agreed minimum standards with regards to Codes of Conduct, Equity, Behaviour, and elements relating to Governance, Community Engagement and Club Development. If you are looking for your children to join, it is vital that you read our Codes of Conduct as a minimum as, by joining the club, you will be agreeing to these Club Rules - but there is far more to read about as well. Please click here to view all of the critical Club Policy Documents. You MUST read the Parent's Club Guide in the folder linked to above.

Old Silhillians Hockey Club has one of the best Junior Coaching Structures in the Midlands with a number of our coaches being County Coaches, Midlands Coaches, and even England Hockey Coaches - with our Coaching Co-ordinator (and Chairman) being in charge of all grass roots coaching in the whole of England.

We also offer several opportunities for playing including:

· Training for U6s and then also 6 – 14 year olds on Sunday mornings.

· Academy Training for our more advanced and older juniors (generally aged 10-15) on Friday evenings (at Solihull School)

· Matches against other local clubs once a month for U8s, U10s, U12s and U14s

· Entry into the County Competitions for U10s and U12s

· Entry into National Competitions for U14s and U16s

· Development matches on Saturdays for players aged 11+ to get introduced to 11-a-side hockey playing alongside adults in a controlled manner

If you do decide to come along and/or wish to contact the coaches/organisers, then please refer to the new member form found here for more details. To help speed up the admin at the start of the sessions (so that you/your children can get on with playing!), please complete the relevant details and bring the form with you to the first session Do please note that this is NOT the Membership Form though - it is simply to speed up the process of registering your child at the first session that they attend. If you are wanting to join the club, PLEASE use the Membership Form in the same document folder as linked to above.