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Player Profile: Sharif Dougramaji

Player Profile: Sharif Dougramaji

Alex Cassidy10 Oct 2019 - 10:42
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Old Tiff's resident countdown star, often referred to by other four letter words, spills the beans on what he really thinks about the club:

Name: Sharif Dougramaji
Position: 13
Which team? 1st XV
How old when first started playing? 15
Interests outside of rugby? Betting on the likes of the Bulgarian U18 Premiership and virtual horse racing
Favourite drink? Pint of the Black stuff
Favourite food? Sushi
Favourite personal rugby moment to date? Ou est le Poulet, Warsaw 2019
Longest in the shower? Boring Josh
Hardest trainer? Kiran Richards
Most skilful? Jae Jang, Korean Kuade
Worst dressed? George Taylor, XS shirt and no tie every bloody week
Best boozer? Laurie Unwin, debate over.
Biggest moaner? Blackers
Hardest at the club? Ben Lawrence (pre Denmark)
Biggest tackler? Big Josh Graham
Biggest joker? Nipps and Beels, comedy duo of the year
Smartest? The human calculator Kiran Richards
Best tourist? One Pump Pete Lehman. Jumped out of a moving taxi to avoid going clubbing
Best Player you've ever played with: Big Balls Baz (Gavin Griffiths)
Hardest to tackle at the club: Shayann
What made you join old tiffs? Touch rugby as the only form of training
Favourite rugby player? Cheslin Kolbe
Biggest pint dodger? Boring Josh
3 Dinner Guests (dead or alive)? Mike Tyson, Ricky Gervais, Jose Mourinho
Goals for the season: Earn promotion and make Old Tiffs a rich club
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