OWRFC Honours Board 2 of 3

2. Club Captains

1947-48DGC Wheeler1979-80RA Phillips
1948-50LC Reynolds1981-83RAJ Walton
1950-52FLN Samuels1983-85DA Stapleton
1952-53J McRae1985-86JB Warwick
1953-55KD Hardy1986-87C Everingham
1955-57A Bottomley1987-90NR Smith
1957-62AJ Jones1990-94G Nicholls
1962-65BN Dukes1994-97PJ Condron
1965-66JJH Holton1997-98GR Dring
1966-70J Nicholls1998-2000S Hipkiss
1970-71RE Hague2000-02M Bramble
1971-72CR Beer2002-03D Charnock
1972-76RAJ Walton2003-06R Yeo
1976-77A Kouba2006-08A Boivin
1977-79RAJ Walton2008-09AJ Sutherland

In 2009, the role of Club Captain was split into two. This allows a First XV captain to concentrate on playing matters and a Club Captain to promote and develop the club spirit off the field of play.

First XV CaptainClub Captain
2009-10AJ Sutherland2009-11ND Pemberton
2010-11W Fourie2011-12B South
2011-12O Beales2012-13S O'Hara
2012-S Cowlin2013-15KC Drinkwater
2015-16S Simmonds[row][cell]