Sat 11
1st XI
Old Epsomians
OMT vs Old Epsomians

OMT vs Old Epsomians

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A poem for the lads...

It was a cold spring morning,
At the OMT playing fields,
Hangovers and headaches alike,
Are what an early KO normally yields.

Snow hitting players’ faces,
Even though it was only light,
“I’m freezing my tits off” yelled Carter,
And Sanker suggested wearing white!

The warm up was one to remember,
Lewis couldn’t deal with the chips,
And just as he was ready to return home,
The whistle hit the referee’s lips.

Epsom were the opposition,
Out-passed and out-run early doors,
But OMT struggled the break them down,
With two rigid banks of four.

The counter attack was the remedy,
To OMT’s lacklustre attack,
Rushil tore down the wing, cut inside,
And Shil gave it a smack.

One nil up were the mighty hosts,
A more than deserved first half lead,
But Epsom had their chances on the break,
Yet Lewis answered OMT’s need.

Another dangerous attack faced the defence,
With a gaping hole down the heart,
Lewis took out man and ball (first),
A save that Neville would call ‘smart’.

He said he prayed for the referee,
Not to point to the spot,
OMT shook it off, pressed forward,
And tried to stop the rot.

Not only that, but more,
Carter playing in the hole,
Spun at the edge of the box,
And scored a wonder goal.

Half time, a breather,
A well earned two goal gap,
A typical half time team talk,
Full of clichés and general yap.

The second period got under way,
With OMT settled and on top,
But allowing more and more pressure,
It felt like we could easily flop.

But alas, little faith it seemed,
For we were about to score,
Phillips rose at the back post,
But it was turned in by their number four.

A great position to be in,
Without a fear of possible defeat,
But the opposition midfielder,
Started believing to have us beat.

A speculative shot was taken,
Surely it wouldn’t go in,
But a collective silence followed,
You would have easily heard a pin.

Clean sheet opportunity missed,
The back four dismayed and point-less,
The momentum shifted and nerves jangled,
A complete and utter stress.

The win was confirmed and OMT go on,
To fight another good fight,
A 3-1 win at home felt good,
Back to the league we go, its tight!

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