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Stepping Back in Time at Ossett CC

Stepping Back in Time at Ossett CC

Mac McTiernan14 May 2019 - 10:00
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Stepping back in time at Ossett Cricket & Athletic Club .........all the way back to 1911 in fact.

Stepping Back in Time at Ossett CC, it's possibly January 1911 when this Ossett Cricket & Athletic Club Bazaar flyer was printed and doing the rounds, as the Bazaar itself is due to take place on February 14th, 15th & 16th of 1911.

We can only wonder what happened to the large barn-like structure set back on the right of the picture, was that the then Bowls section building or where they kept the groundsman's equipment? I started going down to Ossett to watch with my father in around 1957 but it's foggy as to whether there was a seperate Bowls section hut or not then, because I also remember you could hire a set of bowls from somewhere and learn to play. Anyway it looks wooden and could have either been demolished or fallen victim to bonfire night.

Moving forward from a Bazaar in February, a Christmas market sounds like a bright idea.

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