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A Great Start to the New Season

A Great Start to the New Season

By Mike Comerford
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The Zebras start the season with some faces and fancy new equipment.

The first Sunday of the new season saw some new and familiar faces trying out for the Zebra's. Welcome back and aboard guys.

Thanks to Garry and Sean we have some fantastic agility equipment. The equipment will help with our agility and provide some good fun as we run round poles, jump over hoops and dance on ladders.

Below is a summary of the New Rules for this season

The basic rules are set out below for 6-a-side Tag Rugby:

1. Pitch size 45m x 22m (maximum)
2. Tag belts clearly visible, excess strap tucked away, 1 tag each side.
3. Ball should be passed sideways or backwards.
4. Ball carrier should pass when tagged within approx 3 metres or approx 3 seconds.
5. Opponents must allow them to pass and try hard to get in front of the ball (off side).
6. Ball carrier cannot continue to play until both tags are attached.
7. Tagger cannot continue to play until s/he has returned tag.
8. If the ball is propelled forward (dropped, knocked forward or passed forward) a free pass will be given by the opposition unless there is an advantage to the non-offending team
9. A try is scored when the ball carrier has placed the ball over the line. Re start from centre with free pass
10. If the ball carrier is tagged within approx 1 metre of the try line a score can be made.
11. No Physical contact (including fending off with hands, or ball)
12. If a free pass is awarded the opposition should be 3 meters back, toward their own try line. Free passes may not take place within 3 metres of the try line.
13. Players may not dive on the ball

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