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Under 10's
Ripon U10s came to Otley

Ripon U10s came to Otley

By Simon Vause
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Lovely set of players and coaches. Just really enthusiastic that everyone plays to their best.

No edge, no pompous rule setting, no attitude, no ranting supporters or coaches like some other sides we have met so far.

Running two games of six-a-side initially to keep everyone moving in the dreek rain, it was Otley who took command in both games.

The pre-game training actually translated into the games and Ripon got a masterclass in rucking, counter-rucking, support running and tackling from Otley.

With a high work rate, the open pacey running rewarded quickly with tries dropping in every couple of minutes or so.

Ripon worked out a couple of moves when Otley tired and they did score on a number of occasions, but the morning was a free flowing Otley try machine.

As the scores mounted, there were challenges set of only certain players could score a try, but these were again soon dispatched by the Otley teams.

Ripon never gave up despite meeting tough Otley tackling and defense, which turned the ball over frequently. The ball stealers were in full effect!!

The rugby shone as the final game was played out. Some dominant running and supporting saw quicker play of the ball by Otley, and Ripon kept battling on to try and stop the rampaging Zebras!

Big thanks to all the supporters who came out, despite the weather.

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Sun 02, Dec 2018