Subs, Match Fees and Kit 1 of 3

1. Senior subs and match fees

Our policy is, and constitution states, that the club should roughly break even each year and the fees we charge players should solely cover the costs for the club.

Please see this page for details on how to join the club and instructions on how to pay the annual subscription.

“Full Playing Adult Member” – £185 Entitled to train and play all games, including mixed and summer league.
“Junior member U18” and “Student/Unemployed” – £120 Entitled to train and play all games, including mixed and summer league. Do note that juniors U16 should be paying their subs to the junior section.
“Adult GK with own kit” £70 Entitled to train and play all games, including mixed and summer league.
“Junior GK with own kit” and “Student/Unemployed GK with own kit ” £55 As senior GKs with own kit
“Social Member” £120. This is for members who are:
playing less than half the matches in a season or
are training only or
are playing mixed and training (but not on Saturdays)
“Social Member Student/Unemployed” £80 Eligibility as above in 5.
“Community member” £35 Covers occasional play as follows: Back to Hockey, non-league matches, Preseason only (e.g. students going away to University), Mixed only, Occasionals (odd one or two matches per year), or Vets only
Rates are only valid until 31st October. After this date rates for players who joined before 31st October are as follows:

Full Playing Adult Member” – £200
“Junior member U18” and “Student/Unemployed” – £130
“Social Member” £135.
“Social Member Student/Unemployed” £90
Other rates are unchanged. Queries to Mark Stuart-Thompson Membership Secretary

Do note:

Players who join the club after 1st November and participate in their first game and/or training session after this date are entitled to reduced rates.
Members wishing to pay by instalments may do so provided the first payment is received by 31st October.
If either scenario applies to you please contact Mark Stuart-Thompson, for further details.

Brookes Student Deal – special offer to those attending Brookes

Brookes Student Deal £TBA (this special deal means that there are no additonal single sex winter match fees)
Brookes Student deal for GKs with own kit £TBA
Subscriptions cover England Hockey affiliation fees, league fees, coaching costs & civil liability plus personal accident insurance.

Men’s and Ladies’ – £10 (Student/Unemployed £6)
Summer League – £7 (Student/Unemployed £4)
Mixed – £6 (Student/Unemployed £4)
These cover pitch hire, match balls, after-game entertainment & away game travel costs.

Juniors (u16) who pay a junior subscription are eligible to play matches for the senior section without paying a further subscription.

See this page for injury reporting and insurance.

We pay a petrol allowance of 15p per mile for players who drive with a full car of players from the agreed meeting point to an away game. Away games do not include games within the Oxford Ring Road, BRN, Oxford Academy (Littlemore) or Gosford.

Please direct all petrol money queries to the Treasurer, Mark Stuart-Thompson.

By becoming a member, or when renewing your membership, you agree to the conditions of membership of the club which are detailed here.