Car parking

Free parking facilities are available for members and visitors to the football club.

Parking Areas are located:

  • To the left, immediately on entry to the Menace Arena, there is parking reserved for the visiting team players and officials only.
  • To the left, and through a gate, there is limited parking available for visiting supporters on a grass area, but unfortunately this area is prone to being waterlogged.
  • If parking listed above is full or unusable, then there is further parking for visitors immediately to your left as you enter Pynners Playing Fields, which is located opposite the Menace Arena on the other side of the South Circular.

NO PARKING is permitted on the main driveway behind the two pitches at anytime, as this is an access road for the Bowl's club. WARNING: offenders will be clamped (£70.00 removal cost).

Users of these parking facilities are reminded that the football club do not accept responsibility for any damages, break-in or stolen items from cars parked in the parking areas.