Safeguarding / Child Protection

Safeguarding / Child Protection


Peckham Town Football Club is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for young children to learn and develop their football and social skills.

The organisation is further committed to protecting its young people from all forms of abuse or unfair treatment by adopting the highest possible standards of care.

The organisation expects all adults involved to accept responsibility for this and to ensure that such standards of protection are maintained at all times.

Peckham Town Football Club agrees to abide by the Football Association Child Protection Policy Statement and follow to the best of its ability, the recommended procedures contained in the Football Association Child Protection Procedures and Practices Handbook.

Peckham Town Football Club annually appoints an organisation Welfare Manager to act as custodian of child protection policies and procedures within the organisation and to encourage and oversee the adoption of best practices.

Peckham Town Football Club endeavours to follow the recommended Football Association practices with respect to recruitment of volunteers.

Peckham Town Football Club will also submit Personal Disclosure Forms to the Football Association for all primary Officers/Management Committee members appointed by the organisation.

Any allegation or disclosure or complaints concerning suspected child abuse or poor practice will be referred in the first instance to the organisation Welfare Manager.

Allegations or Complaints against organisation Members related to Child Protection shall also be dealt with by the procedures outlined in the organisation Complaints Procedure.

Peckham Town Football Club actively encourages good child protection practices and support programmes to raise awareness within the organisation.

We will do this by:

  • Appointing a Designated Officer (for each programme this will be the organisation Welfare Manager).
  • Adhering to Peckham Town Football Club's confidentiality policy.
  • Issuing recording and reporting procedures for Child Protection issues to all staff.
  • Ensuring our staff is carefully selected, trained and supervised.
  • Ensuring all staff adhere to our Code of Behaviour.
  • Creating an environment where parents, children and young people feel safe.
  • Making parents and children aware of how to voice their concerns or complain if there is anything they are not happy about.

Child abuse takes many forms:

  • Sexual abuse, where a child can be 'groomed', quite often by someone known to the child and their family.
  • Physical abuse, where a child is injured, given alcohol or drugs.
  • Neglect, where a child's basic needs such as food, clothing, or medical attention are not met.
  • This also includes if an Organisation exposes a child to an unnecessary risk of injury during an activity.
  • Emotional abuse, where a child is persistently subjected to emotional ill treatment, bullying or deliberate rejection.

The Project Leader should be notified of any incidents of suspected child abuse or neglect.

Where this information has been submitted to the appropriate Child Protection Authorities, generally the local Social Services Department, the Project Leader (development) will notify the referring agency, the National Director and the Chief of Operations.

The Project Leader has a copy of the Child Protection Procedures for each of the Local Authorities in which the organisation are delivers it's community programmes on hand and each employee is responsible for reading it (project staff only).

Failure to report Child abuse/neglect may result in termination of involvement with
Peckham Town Football Club.

Incidents of suspected Child abuse should be recorded on the special incidents form
Peckham Town Football Club

Staff Selection, Training and Supervision
All staff must have the following on their personnel file
Completed Peckham Town Football Club employment Application (project staff only)

An up to date CV (project staff only)

Results of at least three reference checks (project staff only)

Results of criminal records checks

Signed Confidentiality Agreement

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Personnel Policy Manual (project staff only)

Copies of Professional Qualifications (project staff only)

Verification of Credentials (project staff only)

Staff will only be appointed following interview and receipt of two reference checks (project staff only) and the conclusion of criminal record checks.

It is the responsibility of the Project Leader to have weekly contact with all advocates. This will take the form of face-to-face contact. Details of this supervision will be recorded.

Training will be provided for all staff in the local Child Protection Procedures. An element of advocate induction will include specific reference to Child Protection.