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1. Code of Conduct 1

Perthshire Rugby Code of Conduct for Club Members:(Extract from Club Constitution, accessible on our website in ‘Information’ section)

All members of The Club are expected to play, or support the playing of, the game of rugby football in accordance with the spirit of good sportsmanship and fair play. In particular, members should ensure that in their playing of the game, and also in theirgeneral behaviour, they at no time indulge in actions which could blemish the good name of The Club or bring the reputation of the game into disrepute, including: insulting opponents; making offensive remarks or gestures to the referee/touch judges or opposition supporters; deliberately feigning injury; taking property belonging to opponents or their club; publicly criticising the referee; playing under the influence of excessive alcohol or the influence of drugs; making racist or sexist remarks; or behaving in any way likely to cause offence.

Members should understand that The Club could be held responsible/answerable to the SRU for the actions of its members in respect of any misconduct.

The Club will discourage from selection any player who repeatedly infringes this code, and in respect of any such player or member may hold an inquiry into alleged breach and suspend or expel from membership any serious offender.

Any action taken by The Club in respect of the above shall be without prejudice to any sanctions imposed on The Club or any of its members by the disciplinary sub-committee of the SRU