Schools and Community


Supporting Local Schools
Petersfield Rugby Club is keen to improve and expand on it's good relationship with the local schools that provide it's junior members.As part of this I have been tasked with the role of Schools Liaison Officer and my first venture was to invite the schools PTAs and "friends of " to join us on a Sunday to run a cake sale to raise funds for their school.

So far only Langrish have taken up the offer but we hope other schools will take advantage of the captive audience of hungry young people once the weather improves. I believe Langrish would say it was a worthwhile event after raising over £40 in the hour they were there. The goods, sweet and savoury, looked and tasted wonderful and were at pocket money prices. I think I may have been expecting too much to hope that the chocolate brownie would provide my boys with enough energy to clean their own muddy boots though!

If your school would be interested in running a cake sale or working with the club in any other way please get in touch with me.