Rugby World Cup 2015 Tickets

Thank you for taking an interest in our site. I would like to introduce our world cup ticket offer for potential and existing club sponsors.

As a club we are planning to extend our facilities for the senior, ladies and junior members of the club. A particular target is to put floodlit facilities in the ground so we can train at our club and not have to use other facilities around the city.

We have invested some of our money into purchasing world cup tickets which we would like to offer to those people willing to sponsor the club.
As you may already know a donation to the club can be made by an individual or a company. If made by a company the company can write the donation off against their corporation tax liability.

If you buy the tickets yourself privately then effectively you are buying them from money that has already been subject to tax so making a company donation is a sensible and tax effective alternative.

1England / Wales1Above £400£500
2England / Wales1Above £400£500
3England / Fiji 1Above £400£500
4England / Fiji1Above £400£500
5England / Fiji1Above £400N
6England / Fiji 1Above £400N
7France / Italy1Above £400N
8France / Italy1Above £400N
9France / Italy1Above £400N
10France / Italy 1Above £400N
11Quarter Final 11Above £650N
12Quarter Final 11Above £650N
13Quarter Final 41Above £650N
14Quarter Final 41Above £650N
15Semi Final 11Above £900£1,000
16Semi Final 11Above £900£1,000
17Semi Final 21Above £900N
18Semi Final 21Above £900N

The way we are organising this and the steps you need to take are as follows;

Select the tickets you would like to be considered for. Each ticket is referenced separately therefore for multiple considerations you will need to make this clear. All games are being held at Twickenham.

Make an offer of a donation to the club by e-mail

Please specify

1. Name
2. Each ticket that you want to make a donation for. Please specify reference not match.
3. How much you would want to donate.

We will confirm if we are happy to accept your donation. If unsuccessful you will be notified of this and invited to increase your offer.