Ground Force Day - Saturday 2nd April

Ground Force Day - Saturday 2nd April

By john wood
12 March 2016
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Come and help your Club from 9am onwards - a message from Head Groundsman Andy Williams

The season is almost upon us and now is the time to get our ground looking ship shape for 2016.
The day will start at 9am through to 1pm but anytime you can spend between these times would be really appreciated. Andy Williams will organise jobs on the day.

The below list contains some of the main things that need doing so the more people that come the better. Just one word of advice which is wear old clothes because the the designer three stripe brands that were worn by some last year quickly became paint soddened 33 stripe brands...

Rolling square and outfield
Marking out square.
Putting away fencing
Painting boundary posts
Painting cutting shed doors internal and external.
Netting for roll on cage
Putting covers on frame
Rubbing down and painting sight screens.
Litter picking
Erection of flag pole !!
Repairing outfield divots
Cutting back overhanging trees.
Clearing old grass waste site.
Cutting and strimming between posts
Cleaning changing rooms/ showers and toilets.
Checking junior kit bags

Lets get off on the right foot.... Support your club that we are all proud of.

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